A Video About World of Warships

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Play World of Warships for free at (https://wo.ws/2MU3uWE). Use code PLAYLANGLEY2019 to receive 1 million credits, 3 days premium time, and the USS Langley
Aircraft Carrier! (New Players Only)

I hope you enjoyed the live action content, because it was fun to film :]


  1. What is your gaming mouse? I love it’s yellow color

  2. Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to World of Warships for letting me make a video on their game. It’s been a while since we’ve done live action stuff on this channel, so I’m glad they let me try it out. If ya’ll wanna try it out, feel free to go to (https://wo.ws/2MU3uWE and use PLAYLANGLEY2019 to receive 1 million credits, 3 days premium time, and the USS Langley
    Aircraft Carrier!

    I’ll see you guys in a few days with CWTAT, but until then, enjoy the goofs. :]

  3. Ondřej Žmolík

    2:01 That’s the critically aclaimed actor and scientologist Tom Cruise

  4. Woah! World of warships? What’s that?

  5. the shortest sponsor ad video in history

  6. finally,advertising i can get behind and approve of 🙂

  7. NOphion Trollbringer

    What do ADC’s and big warships have in common?

    They both dwell in salty depths and try to carry.

  8. When did you get White Goodman to be your stunt double?

  9. Get that sweet money, a smooch for skooch?

  10. Well, as a Alpha Tester I only can recommend this Game to anyone who wants fast round( they mostly last for 10 mins) and/or is interested in Ships/Naval History. But it has a unique playstile not everyone likes. It is a Balance between Action and Tactical Decision Making. Still, its free so try it and decide on your own.

  11. World of Warships is actually a pretty cool game. It’s really a game where you have to think a lot. I don’t play it anymore, but I used to be really hooked on it for a while.

  12. My dad plays this game. Too much.

  13. skooch is uploading way too fast and am not used to it
    but am not complaining

  14. If you find yourself playing the game I highly suggest German battleships, the armor on the sides is incredible I have tanken way to many torps to be talking smack bout those ship! Thanks alot for the code as well. Strong winds and fair seas skootch!

  15. A video i wont Like.. But also wont dislike!

  16. I love how it seems so sarcastic yet so serious, god bless

  17. honestly, its a pretty good game. Slow? yes, sometimes hella boring? yes. A wonderful blend of action and tactical forsight? absolutely. also best thing about it, ships considered op can be killed by the weakest ones, cause ya still need to understand the mechanics, which are about as convoluted as lol, have fun being average at best and getting wrecked by someone in a way weaker ship leaving you raging at the screen with nothing to blame but your own incompetence. Luv it

  18. And unfortunately, this skit sums up the combined IQ of WOWS players. You will meet some of the dumbest most brain dead teams on the planet. Good luck getting into randoms…

  19. Where did you get your gaming sponge at? im looking for a new one

  20. Now THIS is the content we need.

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