AA Discovery: Priority Sector, AA Reload – World of Warships

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Sub_Octavian also replied to the post with more information on the topic

Discussing LittleWhiteMouse’s post that details new information about how Priority Sector works in the current game. There is also a weird quirk with AA reload that is discussed as well. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines

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  1. Saying a bug a feature is Todd Howard thing

    • It’s not a bug or a feature. A bug is a functional flaw, which this isn’t. And while it may be a feature, it’s a flawed one. What I’d call it is a bad design decision.

    • @crucisnh strictly speaking, anything that is not intended could be classified as a bug. Thus whether it’s a bug or flawed design entirely depends on the question that did the wargaming design/balance team intended AA to work this way? Or is it just an oversight/miscommunication/misunderstanding on the programming department? It could go either way.

    • I asked out loud ‘does he think he’s Todd Howard now?’ ?

  2. Adolfo Cordeiro

    So im suffering in battles because all my aa gunners are drunk and too lazy guess i need to stop my supply of beer for my bismarck

  3. This makes total sense – as in why I feel there is a delay in AA and secondaries. I’ve noticed the delay in secondaries in my GK when I manually select a target for the first time. It feels like 2 or so seconds before it fires, even though the target is well within range. And it is ANNOYING!

    • I always thought secondaries needed to turn their turrets before they shoot, hence the delay.

    • @Jakub Wasik which makes sense, too. But when I’m nose in with my GK, the forward facing secondaries only need to move at most 15deg. And there’s still a delay. Lots of questions. Maybe the ones closer to target wait for the guns that need to traverse farther? Maybe dual purpose guns like 100-127mm don’t shoot planes when focused on ships, or visa versa?

  4. Vítězslav Zpěvak

    Make secondary greate agine…. or pls make them load on start.

    • +1. It drives me crazy when an enemy ship comes around an island toward my secondary-build Mass, and the secondaries are silent for a few critical seconds. Why WG?!??!!?!

    • Yeah, it really hurts when a DD is only visibly for a few seconds and your secondaries just don’t fire for no discernible reason at all

    • @thumperjdm – Damn Straight! You have a relatively small window of opportunity for those secondaries to score enough damage to make the DD think twice about picking on your ship…

  5. Notification from yt actually was useful for once

  6. Amazing the amont of hidden data WG doesn’t tell it’s players

    • Never, Wargaming doesn’t hide any thing!!!!

    • Yea it’s insane and infuriating, considering how important it is

    • I could imagine, that they changed that just recently in the last patch or somehting to gather some data for reloading mechanic.
      Would they annouce that, people would also complain about, they’re the testers and stuff. Thus I could understand that somehow

  7. That was such a good video I did not hear a word he said ??

  8. This explains so much and is total BS. Really hope wargamings changes this.

    • They won’t. Not unless we do more then bitch. We need to take action. Create smurf accounts and target all CVs be they friend or foe. Either wargaming will get the message or the CV players are so miserable they stop playing carriers. Total win!

  9. The Captains liteerally say “General Quarters”, “Battle Stations” or “Gefechtsstationen” and I can’t really see why this would not affect AA and Secondaries. ^^

    Thank you very much for that info Notser. I have been using the sectors and Manual AA on some ships, but his makes it so much more important.

    • PanzerJäger Hantoeig

      Exactly, hence it seems puzzling as to why when such a command is given, literally by the commander, that the anti-air and secondary guns are still not loaded.

    • Exactly! Before your ship is even up to speed, the crew should be loading all armaments systems like mad banshees and scouring sea and sky.

  10. So the minimum useful captain just jumped from 10 to 14 points?
    And why the heck does Wargaming fail to communicate just any of this? oO

    • I mean…. way back in the day you used to need 15pt to get CE…. But yeah it’s bs

    • You can use priority sector without manual AA, it’ll just be slightly better if you do have manual AA.

    • If these conclusions are accurate it is not “slightly” better, it is massively better, especially as your AA stars shooting a lot earlier, which means you actually have a chance to start shooting shit down before it wrecks you.

  11. sorry to say it , but wargaming fu+++ it up … it just dictating how you
    should playing

  12. Swiss Army Knight

    I don’t know how Mouse accomplishes all that she accomplishes, but I’m one captain that is grateful that she does.

  13. Priory sector is one of the most stupidest feature in the game. You have crew from both sides handling the aa gun and why does it not make sense that one side aa will be stronger than the other.

  14. This makes so much sense when picking targets for manual secondaries I’ve always noticed a pause before they start firing… Total BS in design from WG.

    • I guess it’s here because you could shoot effectively on both sides of the ship with manual secondaries if they didn’t have the pause

  15. Actually the ,math is still right just implemented in a different way that will affect practical outcomes. If you take in consider that it makes no sense focusing AA on one side of the ship will make the ammo hit harder(dealing more damage), it is completely reasonable that priority sector modifies the reload time rather than the damage per shot… the DPS however remains the same.
    The more bothering part however, is the accuracy coefficient. Implementing it in a way that it affects rate of fire is again correct in the math regarding AA DPS, but affects practical outcomes.
    The practical outcome mentioned above for both priority sector and accuracy is the frequency the ship will be last-hitting the aircrafts. I.E. under most situation for two AA auras with the same DPS (damage per shot x rate of fire ROF) but different damage and ROF, the one with a lower damage per shot but a higher rate of fire is more likely to score kills on aircrafts in general (Note that there will still be cases if the higher damage per shot will 1 shot the planes, than it may be more efficient but comparing to the higher ROF ones, it is still more inconsistent). So the end result for the way WG implements this AA mechanism is accurate in the way it will correctly reflect on the damage done to planes, but the number of planes shot down may be remotely off against expectations.
    The initial reload issue on the other hand I would say, it might be to represent initial aiming time for the crew or it could simply be for balancing issues. The balancing I am referring to is mostly for hard hitting low ROF AA guns. Imagine if those guns will shoot immediately once an aircraft has entered it’s AA aura, this means the planes could enter the aura or swooping by the borders losing already most of it’s health. If instant AA fire is implemented, than WG will definitely need to re-balance aircraft HP or else ships with large caliber AA, mostly BBs, could potentially be nearly untouchable with the current values. However if they up tune the HP for aircrafts, ships with low damage high ROF will then suffer dramatically. For those who find it hard to understand, let me make an example:
    assume there is a
    BB with 500 damage per shot and a ROF of 0.2
    CL with 100 damage per shot and a ROF of 1
    which will result in the same DPS of 100
    if an plane with 800 health flies by, for the current reload than fire mechanism it will take 10 seconds (2 shots) for the BB and 8 seconds (8 shots) for the CL
    but an instant fire case, it will take 5 second for the BB but 7 seconds for the CL. And any careless plane under 500 health swooping by that BB aura will get busted instantly.
    If WG were to balance the planes HP pool according to survivability against larger caliber AA guns (which will gain significant head start from the initial fire), it will most likely make ships with small AA calibers more miserable. So I think the proper fix to this is actually by adjusting the AA range (which may or may not have already been considered by WG) or by changing accuracy to the more intuitive way making large guns actually more inaccurate rather then lowering ROF.

  16. Can confirm even if you do this with manual AA, it still feels inadequate

  17. Then the skill is absolutely 100% mandatory. And when that is the case, WG has a history of making it default.
    Such a clusterfuck of a rework. I want the old “Click the squad” mechanics.

  18. And just think? About 6 months ago AA ships were useless, and nobody gave a shit about how AA works. Now there’s suddenly all sorts of interest!

    The CV players can smell your fear… ?

  19. Seriously, all main, secondary, torpedo, and AA systems should be fully loaded and ready to fire as soon as the ship gets underway.

  20. Manual AA skill should be on first raw not for 4 points and maximize captain skills to 20 points

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