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    • Noah’s awesome vids

      plhy do you want a new americans things like the ,xp-54, xp-56,b36,yb-35,t58 , do you want these american planes and tanks ??

    • I played this tank just a couple days ago with my friend. Man does this thing slap. Completely agree about the zoom being so high. Like the french 3.7 amx-13. Incredibly hard to aim. I’ve bounced quite a few rounds with the ST-A1 and ST-A2 though.

      I get your sentiment about how things are going in the world. Taking a break is definitely a good move. We don’t want you to get burned out worrying about making videos for us while also worrying about the current events and how they will effect your family. Keep up the good work, keep up the good family and the nice home you and Laura share. In times like this we all need each other to keep going.

  2. Thank you for everything you do Phly!!!!!

  3. It’s okay to take breaks Phly we love you no matter what!

  4. I understand how you feel phly, it’s tough with current events but I hope that your feeling alright and we appreciate you uploading and providing an escape.

    • Глеб Давыдов

      Gaijin and WT is a direct financial supporter of Russian aggression. By spending money in gaijin store, you help finance the murder of Ukrainian civilians.

    • I just hope Gaijin will stop being Russian government funded pushing less pro russian propaganda in their games especially when you see the treatment they make to other nations.

  5. Just glad to know you’re okay Phly. I figured the world events would impact your desire to play this game.

    • Kids are rough, Novak Djokovic-One of the greatest tennis players of all time-had a two years slump. Novak would loose to semi-nobodies , it happened right after his kids were born lol. Parenting is A LOT of work.

  6. Fun fact : “if you’re so lucky when using the ST-A1 with HEATFS, you can overpressure a normal jumbo thru the tracks.”
    How do i know? Cause I’m the victim.

  7. Im glad to see ya back and i feel you the world is crazy at the moment and it just drains you sometimes.

  8. when the world needed him the most…

    he comeback! welcome back phly !

  9. I was on warthunder when Russia first started attacking. It was a little surreal seeing everyone talk about what was going on live while on this war game, made by a Russian company. Obviously Gajin didn’t do anything wrong, but it still made me feel bad.

    • @Authoritarian Gentleman everyone knows how incapable their army is, but they still invaded other country they only get what they deserve. Its the price they pay for following insane orders from insane leader.

    • I’m sure you’ve felt the same about all games made by western companies that indirectly fund all the western wars that have killed millions of civilians even during our time, amirite

    • Jairion western media isnt controlled by the state though lol. and all western media isnt solely consumed by the west. where as in russia all that isnt the opposite.

    • Breckin Drabble did they also change the tank teams being solely based on their ww2 allies and axis nations for like togetherness? or did they change that a while ago?

  10. I hope everything gets solved soon, people dont need and dont deserve to shed blood for another crazy politician

    But hey, great News for you and Laura! Hope you have a phantastic day!

    • Just one thing, Putin is gone Bonker, put this war was caused mostly by Ukraine and Nato….
      So the people are dying just for some idiot politician……

      But yeah, this war is nonsense and it would be fantastic if all nation forgot about military and used that money for science, green energy and so on…
      But if you want to enter the NATO you need 2% of your budget on military so….
      It would be fantastic if Ukraine just ceded those two territories and guaranteed the water for Crimea without building a dam on the only water source avaible for them and it’s 2million people.

      Oh, and if they just accepted Russia into Nato so that this fake cold war would just end…

  11. oh my gosh where were you! I really missed you, I got sick not watching a war thunder video. I mean really, everybody is gone. There is no shooting range, no thunder show, no phlydaily video. I did not realize how much I love the content of this game until this happened. Thank you that you are back.

  12. I really appreciate you, thanks for being the best content creator for this game!

  13. Welcome back, Phly.

    This thing, this ST-A1… from the super long barrel to the turret counterweight to that full-width raised engine deck. This is Tank Kardashian. Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt. It’s so big.

    Day, I dunno, 58: Take the Scimitar, the last Supermarine, out for a spin. You got quad 30mm and a 20 kg/s burst mass, you got 24 chances to find out if British AP rockets can do anything, you have assorted other options, you have the last work of many of the individual designers from the Spitfire before the team got broken up and lost in the paperwork.

  14. Great to hear your doing alright, quick vehicle recommendation, the Chinese M8 LAC, its a reserve, and its really good at 1.0, it has a really good gun, and also has a 50 cal, so it sometimes doesn’t even need its main gun ^^

  15. Hey Phly! Glad to see you’re back! Love the war thunder vids but if you feel like taking a break, there are still fans out here of your ‘Hell Let Loose’ vids and would always love to see some more 🙂 Keep up the great content!!

  16. Hey Phly! I am with you current events made war thunder feel criminal and disgusting at the moment. Glad to see you upload and glad you are doing well.

  17. OfficialGeneral_Soldiernator

    World stuff aside, I think the STA-1 was one of my favourites while grinding the Japan tech tree, back when I still played (quit around mid-late 2021)

    The main reason I used this one over the STA-2 was the lack of a 50 cal. Plus looking back, despite the STA-2 being more accurate dimensions-wise to the Type 61, I really appreciated the good reverse gear it had, and the low profile certainly was good to have. If only I had grinder the air tree with the ground.

  18. Crazy to think they all lived in the same house lmao

  19. Moving from the Japan tree to the American, I noticed the soft stats on the Jackson make it feel exactly like the sta-1, but at 5.3. Similar speed, reload and turret traverse, and armor values are almost the same as well

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