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Initially just a fun game to see if I can have a normal impact on the game, we out and get a fantastic game out of the Abruzzi. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Italian Cruiser Abruzzi Replay

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  1. Notser
    I hope all is well with you and your family. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Turkey day and I hope your family is doing well.

  3. cccooooooolllllllll

    The only time I fought an Abruzzi was in the Pre-buffed Ibuki ( I was top tier) , I saw him broadside to me at 10 km, loaded AP.
    First salvo, 4 citds 2-3 penetration 1-2 over-pen, engine incapacitated; second salvo , still broadside , 2 cits and boum gone.

    So yeah, very squishy.

    • She is still super fun. She isn’t that squishy when angled though, she has a 30mm plate running to the front of the bow that’s about the height of the citadel (extremely hard to citadel through the front for everything you face except Musashi.) Also, the heal helps. In the end though, if you are broadside, expect to be utterly and savagely deleted.

  4. Funny enough Abruzzi was one of the few italian ship that had radar before the surrender, just behind the main director

  5. I have never thought that someone would carry with this ship. No, seriously, its got only 130mm of armor i think

  6. My best run in abruzzi was 92133 damage, I gave schors 6 citadels, sunk a Haida, torped an atago, bounced 6 406mm shells from alabama and ram into him LOL
    super fun ship, super fast shells compensates for fewer guns and low fire chance

  7. Happy Turkey Day. Can you do a revisiting the Gascogne? I like the ship but I’m still not sure how it should be played. I’ve seen secondary builds but I’m not sure if that’s the right direction

  8. The American cruiser split created many ships that are mediocre at best; only getting good at tier 9 and 10. The New Orleans needs a heal at tier 7 to be competitive.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      theboz 81 Not really honestly What they could do for a smoother transition to tier 8 is give both NO and Yorck a 25mm bow

  9. 11:06 free gas station sushi for whoever kills Notser LoL come on man gonna have to throw in some slim jim jerky and bubblegum to make it worth someone’s time.

  10. Григорий Ефимович Распутин

    Finally the Abruzzi getting some love

  11. The Abruzzi is my all fav ship in the game. I think its a very save ship, especially if you are angled to incomping shells. It has a small silhouette and its fast and nimble.

  12. Just played a game with you, you were in the ibuki, I was in the black missouri. It was fun to have you along.

  13. Cesar doesn’t have any plane

  14. Funny that your last Video was a Roma game the day I had an epic game in said ship, now you put up a game in the Abruzzi the day after I have my most damaging game in the ship 139k damage 4 kills…

  15. “Discount_F1NN1NG tried.”

  16. Nice work in that ship, Notser. I watched that Kagero engagement several times and I don’t think I could have gotten away with only one torpedo hit, as you did. Honestly, I probably would have died there, because right before the torps came, I was thinking… ‘turn hard right.’ So great intuition dude!

  17. Abruzzi AP sucks HE sucks and its fire chance sucks but it works well with IFHE

  18. Giulio doesn’t have a plane!

  19. Hey Notser, the Roma needs a buff, rather in her reload speed than in her range. Or maybe both increased? ..

  20. I love my Abruzzi. I don’t usually play cruisers but this one is very engaging.

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