Absolute Domination! +Rant (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Hey, i want a new fight, this ship vs yamato or iwoa

  2. Man I only need $2.2M and then I can buy the USS Iowa😁

  3. I know that smell ! (Big inhale) ah the gnies that hot garbage,
    I hated the Bayern because I could never get cits and then I was so happy to use gnies but after I ran back to Bayern like a ex saying take me back.
    And idk how I was able to get a drive by on an Iowa in a 1v1 during that time

  4. I felt sry for the cruisers might as well tie a t-bone around their necks

  5. I surprisingly like the Russian BB. Once i settled in to the Gangut, PV, and Izmail I’ve appreciated them. Your videos got me to give them another try and now I’m stuck whether I want to go for the Vlad or the Iowa.
    The German lines can’t hit the broadside of a barn from inside, Japanese don’t seem much better, not impressed with the English even tho id like to have Hood just for sentiment and i can’t bring myself to do anything with the French outside of what’s in the Bureau.
    A lot of rambling on but as always thank you for your works. You’re educational and entertaining. If they weren’t PS4 people I’d love to see you, Tbull, and TacticAngel division up, yall would be unstoppable.

  6. I can honestly agree my friend as I sometimes get in lobbies with only 4 people on each team no joke

  7. Haha, as a PS4 player who has my cross platform turned off, I return the same advice. I rarely have empty lobby games, sometimes tier 7 matches take 2 or 3 minutes to start but not often. The main reason it was off was for ranked, wanting to communicate with teammates. Having cross platform off doesn’t negatively affect matchmaking and helps gameplay so there isn’t much reason to have it on.

  8. Hey, at least you can easily assert dominace over the enemy team in small matches 😂.

    • Haha yeah it is very easy when you’re used to fighting 9 ships and then you only have to fight half that

  9. I think you’re also getting games like this because people like me have pretty much quit playing the game. I’m tired of getting in games where I’m the only one playing the objective while the rest of the team reverses to the map border. It’s so rare that I have a match that’s fun or interesting. Even if I have a game in in the range of 200k damage, it’s not fun because I’m either farming morons, or I was scrambling for my life while the morons sit back and do nothing.

    • Thats why i took cross platform off and i win 90% of the time only losing after a hard fought battle don’t see why spartan is bitching if half the time he is raging at ps4

    • I’ve never really experienced that. 50% of my games, I’m in a DD and I seem to always have help whether from another DD or CL/CA. Only time a BB backs up is if it is a JB or Iowa/Alabama.

    • @박해진 I think me and you are seeing the same thing. For me, PS4 players tend to be absolute morons. I remember about 2-3 games where most of my team was PS4 and most of the other team was all Xbox. Every time, the game ended with like 8-9 ships left on the Xbox team and me typically being the last ship alive while all my PS4 team mates were dead- some dying in the first 3-4 minutes.

    • @BlueonGoldZ yup main reason i took it off because that happened all the time

    • @BlueonGoldZ my experience is like yours, I play destroyers pretty much exclusively and feel pretty well supported most of the time. Maybe because destroyer play is a little bit more chaotic and I don’t have time to notice my team at the back of the map!

  10. Alessio Casagrande

    “Never go broadside on a rushing battleship!” That man won’t do it again

  11. The Potato Army

    it could be because the cross-network people are playing less high tier because of all the jean barts or a certain Russian paper cruiser

  12. Like another youtuber says about another game: “dont blame the players, blame the developpers”

    • Spartan Elite43

      Players turning off crossplay hurts MM and pulls those of us with crossplay on into crap games like this

  13. Recently my matchmaking has been stupid. I’ve gotten in to games where the enemy team has 5 destroyers. It’s so dumb and annoying. I can’t get good games like that

  14. The smallest match I’ve had was 7v7 with cross platform enabled. Only problem I get with it disabled is 4 times longer wait times

  15. Never get tiny matches with crossplay off on PS4 👀

  16. Álvaro Gutiérrez

    Stupid is the price per battle of the tier 7 ships, just unreal.

  17. I once had a 2v2 match when I had cross-play enabled. I was in my Iowa with a Jean Bart and won against a broadside Iowa and Alabama! It was short and quite fun but I lost around 60,000 credits because the Jean Bart sat back and got both of the kills while I took most of the damage!

  18. I’ve actually been lucky enough that I’ve had full lobbies,recently just working in the bureau and the campaign,need to do the challenges that require a division tho.🙄

  19. Spartan, I have the Colorado, and I’m in the last strech to the Iowa, but I dont like the Colorado that much, because I only have 15km of range. Any tips?

  20. Everyone is doing the daily’s for the Bureau that make you play tier 3, 4 and 5… the match making at those tiers is instantaneous.

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