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The roma is one of the most hilariously fun ships from the classic days of WoWS. It great to see the old girl is still printing money and performing well even all these years later.


  1. Can we have the Duncan one as well

  2. What did you really think of IRIS’s Brest?

  3. Good Generic Salutations!

  4. Roma is great for creds, can even take it into operations and make a mil off bots xD

  5. 2 reports less than 2 minutes into the game. Clearly reported the two enemy subs. Unfathomably based lmfao

  6. What a game, also props to the Asashio

  7. Yay double Raging weekend!

  8. the fact that the Asashio only got 3rd on the team is an injustice. That man probably had more impact than even our Roma did but still wasnt rewarded for it

  9. The brest was the worst with Marseille being the best and the Cherbourg being #2 this is just to me personally

  10. Always loved the Roma, part of it is the fact that I got my first solo warrior in it. Wonky dispersion but if you aim for the superstructure most times you get rewarded. Plus the great concealment and decent speed makes this a fun ship in any battle.

  11. Damn, I regret selling my Roma for credits because the rnjesus kept pissing me off that day

    • There’s a premium restoration option, where you can basically buy back premium ships for credits. Check out the support section on the website

  12. Ah the Roma ! Every now and then you may be blessed by the RNG gods and penetrate / citadel absolutely everything that comes into your sights ….

  13. Lmao saying English is one of the most fucked up languages just screams “I don’t know any other language”

  14. A blast of a commentary as always, glad that my Roma game was of sufficient quality. Wish I was running the red economic bonus that game, it was however, only a blue one. :3

  15. I can only imagine the REEEE chat from the enemy team during that match.

  16. Asashio is a better money printer even better when you “fail tier” and meet super ships.

  17. Great upload 😀

  18. Had a near 3m game in the ol Georgia.

  19. Remember, English isn’t one language, it’s four of them, all under one trench coat, pretending to be one. 😊

  20. How do I submit a replay?

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