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  1. 17:24 this bullet dispersion thing is completely have no sense every gun has a 2m ( I guess) distance between them but look at shells (sorry for bad english btw)

  2. cruz antonio prada rivas

    Ha estos videos hay dos cosas que los cagan:
    1) la publicidad que youtube mete en los videos.
    2) las presentaciones o musicas de fondo que les colocan a los videos.

  3. Beautifull ships.

  4. How are his secondaries firing that far? Mine don’t and I have the same BB…

    • Jeffrey Miller I’ve spec’d and added flags to get 11.3 km range on my secondaries

    • Jeffrey Miller
      It sounds like you bought a T8 battleship without knowing you can increase secondary range with modules and captain skills, lol…

    • Nikoolix No, it’s because I use my Tier X more…….

    • +Jeffrey Miller So then, it seems you got to T10 and still didn’t know modules and captain skills can increase the range of the secondary battery. But no offense, just maybe check the stats next time.

  5. I can’t believe that the secondary of a T8 BB can shoot further than the T10 of the same nation. o.O

  6. Now the poor Bismarck is nothing

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Litio 3 im more worried about the powercreep to Tirpitz more After all, Bismarck has hydro and better AA but Tirpitz pays a lot for those situational torps

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Although I think Massachusetts is not an op premium, I think it overshadows a bit the Tirpitz Sure Tirpitz has torps and turtleback but when you consider that Massachusetts has better guns, better aa and somewhat better secondary power I’m not asking for a buff for the Tirpitz or a nerf to Massachusetts but I think they did over do these secondaries a bit too much After all, having the same range as 150s on Bismarck/Tirpitz seems weird, I would have gone for 9,5km max for example

  8. Goddam what a game!
    Maybe I should get one. And I’m thinking I can put my Worcester captain in her and not have to change much. She already has expert marksman, IFHE, and AFT. Only thing missing would be BFT but I think superintendent is probably more useful for the extra heal.

  9. 这打的也太轻松了
    that’s too EZ for him.

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