Action Stations! World of Warships Is Live

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As of today, the BETA anchor has been cut loose and World of Warships sets sail into open waters. All hands on deck, we repeat, all hands on deck!


  1. housam el-din talaat

    ACTION STATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not pictured here: Gameplay. Not. One. Second.

  3. Who the hell decided it would be a good idea to have a carrier in the
    “front lines”

  4. haha “your” fleet, when you play with just one ship. otherwise great
    trailer though! really loved being part off the open beta and really
    looking forward to the full fledged game.

  5. where are german and british tech tree?

  6. If only the game looked like this ;-;

  7. where is german technical tree

  8. it would be really cool if wargaming could create a World of Warships and
    World of Warplanes joinup where you (or others) can control the planes that
    are set out, so say if you die, you can get into a plane and still help
    your team, helping you gain XP and credits, aswell as helping out your
    team, maybe impliment it into the game or make a test server type thing :)

  9. I dont see me in the trailer ):O

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