Actually not dying in the 1st 5 mins with this ship – World of Warships

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This is one of those ships that was created for the player base to dismount their heads with any brain it might contain and just YOOOOLOOOOOO.

It is a funny ship to play but it is braindead xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Never really understood the need for so many changes in WOWS. This is a niche game, they could leave it as-is for a while, and only work on balances (if it would be possible again). Then how they could justify manager bonuses, that is a different question.

    • idk, its really dumb but the worst, its weird. they are “ruining” the game, not really cuz people still keep giving them money and playing it but, u know what im trying to say

  2. Definitely agree about the initial conversation. The game has crossed the threshold of fixability. Now it’s doomed. People may keep playing it until the servers eventually shut down, but from an enjoyability perspective, it’s doomed. All we can do at this point is play until we individually are sick of it. Personally, I suspect I have about 6 months left before frustration finally forces me to close the game for the final time. The potential damage earning nerf is going to make the game even more passive, the increasing amount of hybrid lines, the support CVs, the regular CVs, the subs, all contribute to an erosion of mid-range concealment, which combined with the increasing amount of lolpen gun calibers are killing off enjoyability in cruiser lines, the absurdity of the torpedo and main battery arms race on DDs and the proliferation of radar as a gimmick on ships that should never have had radar, it’s all making the game legitimately depressing to play. It’s like with every patch I see a bit more of the game I fell in love with all those years ago die off. There’s not much left of it anymore.

    • Potential damage is genuinely worthless. Any potato can get several million by getting caught out of position and focused. I am fully in favor of requiring BBs to actually DO DAMAGE to earn rewards- I’m sick of getting dumbass GKs on my team that suicide and type “5 million potential” in chat thinking they actually did something. God, BBabies are such entitled children.

    • @Michel Javert The hybrids are going to force me to abandon the game. Too many planes and the hybrids don’t even count as CVs so from the start of the game, when one team has one, or more, Nebraskas and the other team doesnt, you already know which team has won.

    • @Kaga Kai Trust me, I don’t like idiots that yolo in and fuck up either. But the reality is when my < 30mm armour plated cruiser is permanently spotted due to all the aircraft, subs and DDs around, I need a BB with actual balls being a high damage, high survivability roadblock. Something that will draw fire and will hurt too much for the enemy team to ignore, so that I have time to do my job. More BBs hiding behind islands at 17-25km away are worthless to me. At that point I may as well go play CVs because that's the only way I'm gonna get anything done.

    • @Nathan Lowery A well timed BB push is still a potential match-changer, but it’s a LOT harder than it used to be. And it’s dependent on your team actually being competent. You can’t push into a DD that has the brains to stay undetected and just spot you for its 2-3 bullet hose smoke-CLs unless you also have a DD with brains to spot theirs and lob torp salvos at the cruisers to dislodge them. And this is a lot harder when CVs and Subs get involved and just bully your DD out of being effective.

  3. When thy nerfed Petro I thought they were thinking at all the comunity requests. But they were just preparing the way for super petro.

  4. It was always a dead game for me, been playing for 7 years, but these last 2-3 years all i have wanted is a cv free game, but with a cv in 9 out of 10 games it was only i matter of time before 1 game was enough for me not to have fun and turn it off, now i don’t care to play, maybe 1-2 games a week. Schlieffen is a great example, want to use my stealth to get round into a good position but a cv that is not attacking me keeps spotting me the whole time, by the time i make it to where i wanted to go i am nearly dead, the guys i was going to fight have just run away and the cv sees i am an easy kill, comes over and kills me with out me being able to do a single thing about it because his ship is at the back of the map in a corner.

    • I’m a military historian, and the inaccuracies of the game are what keep me from getting involved, but if you want my opinion, the game is reasonably accurate at the lower tiers–below Tier 5–precisely because all the gizmos are missing, and you have essentially a 2-dimensional gun and torpedo fight fought at close range with optically directed weapons. The result are far more realistic than why you see in the upper tiers.

  5. modern maritime warfare is so vastly different, it would be next to impossible to implement that with the actual Tier compression of 2.
    There is only so much you can do to defend againt missles and implement all the other aspects.
    Missles – Point defence – basically non existent armor schemes – guns beeing not the main feature anymore. Today its clicking points on a radar/sonar and defend against fast approaching points so you dont get blown up. I bet they thought about it but have no idea how to implement this stuff into gameplay that sticks with poeple. Not that they really good at it atm…

  6. Its a magnificently designed Skinner’s box – elegantly crafted to part fools from their money.

  7. Honestly, launching a salvo of unguided ballistic missiles at some square in the ocean would be a way better mechanic thematically than summoning a small airstrike out of no where…

  8. Super-Petro is going to have 4 of those Smolensk turrets but with 220mm guns. Also only the superstructure and turrets are above the water.

  9. Piazzolla Luca Gordon

    WG is the unique case I am SO proud not to have given them a single cent, they simply don’t deserve it

  10. Just curious why anyone would want WG to bring missiles into the game? Literally what killed the BB and ship-to-ship gunfights in real life.

  11. you wouldve lived longer had you doubled back and regrouped with your team instead of trying to push a charge on a flank mini map awareness comes into play always push with your team never without

  12. Write this often to a team: please dont die first 4-5 min. But no chance to change something. Bad gamer die earlyer, thas a fact.

  13. Kitakami – yes, it has a lot of torps, and would be fun/funny to play. As far as fighting against it, other torpedo boats that are more scary are Benham, Jinan, and arguably the Mino.. A kiting Benham stalling a push is devastating. Jinan can technically launch 40 torps w/ TRB, plus the torps have faster reload, much faster speed, much lower detection, and do more damage than Kitakami’s IJN torps. Jinan also has 10 useable guns for starting fires and dev striking dd’s, if you practice with them.
    If Kitakami was added back into the game it would be a very weak T10 because it has been power crept. It’s hull is garbage, and can be dev struck by any BB and many cruisers. It’s IJN torps are slow with a long spotting range. They don’t hit as hard at T10. I don’t thnk the Kitakami would have much of an effect at all, other than people losing their shit for a couple of weeks because of its reputation. The game has changed too much for this ship to compete.

  14. It would be interesting to know if player numbers are up or down and how is the profitability for WG? Both must be up for them to continue with the silliness. Anyone have numbers?

  15. missile DD’s, uses the sub ping mechanic, and a rocket (like from a cv attack plane) fires from your ship to the pinged ship

  16. What does it mean by Distance Traveled-66.56 km? If the total time is just under 15 minutes, that means the ship was moving at 265 km/hr, or 132 knots. Am puzzled.

  17. V-2 rockets were area affect weapon. They were never fired at moving targets (like ships). However Germans had radio guided bombs dropped by planes which were used against ships. Japan used aircraft to suicide against ships. I put nothing past WG in adding content to the game. In WoT they have whole line of made up stuff. Chinese tanks that have rocket boosters come to mind.

  18. Luciano Berton Casanovas

    Boy do i still remember how back in 2020 people talked about how well balanced this game was compared to that year standard and how fun it was having things like the Secondary Shikishima build or the release of the German battle cruisers which you could build onto Secondaries also, how has it downfalled, sadly cos it feels like yesterday

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