Admiral Graf Spee | 133K DMG 6 Kills || World of Warships

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Player: 3k31001
Ship: Admiral Graf
Map: Fault Line

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  1. 5:43 Really bad play…Like a lot of moments in this replay…Not good to see for me.

  2. Gareth Fairclough

    HOW did he miss that?!

  3. why he need to shoot the omaha?he can kill dd for double kill noob

  4. this is noob replay. give us good and entertaining replay plea,. not some random noob against another noob

  5. he dont know how to play a Graf Spee right.

  6. Suuuuuuuuuper bad play by this guy. Misplays all over. Even torping from the back line against his own NM at C even though the Texas was dead already.

  7. i must admit to being greatly unimpressed, i’ve seen some epic videos on this channel, i don’t feel this is one of them

  8. How did this guy get 130k? How?

  9. He played against the Bayern well. Took out their best ship. Only part of the vid worth watching.

  10. This was hard to watch lol

  11. Using AP against a BB and torps at a ship with 20% health? This dude is a disaster. He should uninstall

  12. He has def aa instead of hydro. What kind of idiot brings def aa instead of german hydro?

  13. 5:44 premature etorpulation

  14. I hate people dumping torpedoes knowing they can kill thier target

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Weird Spee…skill of more health not premium heal and defensive fire rather than hydro

  16. Nerissa Silchenko

    Yeah, not the best.

  17. Wow, nice result, but some terrible decisions there, reckless firing of torps, bad positional play, really poor aim at very close targets. but a win’s a win!

  18. Wow. Those torps at 5:45. Might be the worst judgment call I’ve ever seen. How, even?

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