ADMIRAL HIPPER “new” – 3 ridiculous torp kills || World of Warships

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  1. Description

    Top XP in Admiral Hipper in tier 9 game, with 4 kills in total, 3 being the most ridiculous torp kills which shouldn’t have happened

  2. 7:55 huge mistake here in my opinion he could have use the left torps to kill him instead of waiting the reload of the right torps showing broadside.

    • no he was right to break port behind the missouri out of his arc of fire ASAP, regardless of whether you can get the hail mary volley of torps out, his self preservation at that moment in time was more important than the potential double kill – he knew he was going to kill the missouri thereafter, the missouri knew it too, it’s just both had their own agenda in the moment youre talking about though. German torp reload is like just a smidge over a minute, theyll be back before you realize it and then the kill can follow, but at 7:55 if he HAD broke starboard he would be a handful of seconds away from eating a full potential broadside from the missouri(even though he had HE loaded for the moment youre talking about)

      it isnt my replay im defending, i just know what unnecessary damage looks like and how to avoid it while still seeing the kill in the near future, and he succeeded.

    • crossing the T on the aft side of a yamato in a DD makes me fricken horny. it’s like the holy grail of DD maneuvers; as long as you can make it out of their arc and stay there, feel free to ROFL to the bank.

    • WalkableBuffalo

      Thanks for breaking it down.
      Even though I thought the Missouri must be a potato I didn’t want to give him the chance to catch my broadside even if it would have saved me a minute.
      Going all the way around was much safer and the kill was undoubtedly guaranteed

  3. Gutsy play. Quite gripping.
    The only gripe is why HE in various broadside situations?

    • Probably just a lack of awareness that the Hipper AP is strong as fuck against flat BBs.

    • WalkableBuffalo

      I try not to rely on the AP too much since it doesn’t have the great autobounce angles like USN or RN, but I’ll try to use it more!

  4. First “new Hipper” highlight is one wich could ve been done by the old. And that Missouri is a very special snowflake, 0% awareness 😀
    The new Hipper is nice ! I made it with her from rank 17 to 10 with 76% WR, and i had 13 wins in a row.

  5. Why not more AP? German AP against flat broadsides murders people.

  6. Shokaku vs Zuikaku; yougum khanthai*

  7. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Lol That Missouri driver was distracred to the snapchat

  8. ok, the Bismarck was stupid but the BigMo has not one working brain cell….

  9. lucky strike

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