Admiral Hipster, Citadel Shots for Days – World of Warships

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Gameplay – !

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hatsuharu pls Baron!!

  2. Christopher Matarazzo

    More world of warships!!!!!!

  3. baronvondeeznutz

  4. Cruisers man.


  6. More World of Warships plz :D! I would like to see the Roon or the Warspite

  7. MOAR! And a Barone master class on ass-kicking with each class.

  8. i like to see good BB battles. lets get some izumo love

  9. i would like to see you phly and slickbee as the mighty 3 battleship trio
    The Tirpitz (since the Bismarck is not out yet), The Iowa and the Yamato (
    not counting the Montana because she was never build 🙁 )

  10. Tier 10 Soviet destroyer

  11. can you pls do the New Orleans

  12. Racebeast_S / Le lapin du turfu

    More world of warships ! :D

  13. TheMultieSleepmaster

    midway or yamato

  14. play roon baron

  15. Love the WoW videos. Keep ’em coming.

  16. Taskent or other high level soviet dd’s please

  17. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    The nurnberg

  18. MORE WOWS!!!!

  19. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    His friends commentary in the background is hilarious.

    “U-BOAT! Just kidding. Made you look.”

  20. dat Free Exp >.>

  21. More battleship gameplay! From any nation

  22. Give us some more of that Deutsche krieghund, DER KAISER OF THE SEA, Ze
    Hindenburg, jawohl.

  23. play battleships

  24. cvs i want to see you play cvs

  25. I’d love more destroyers and cruisers, particularly the Mutsuki and the
    Furutaka. (As they seem to be the ones I’m having the most issues with at
    the moment.)

    Also, anything with a well/detailed explained way of playing carriers… I
    would love, too. There are quite a few videos out there, but they assume in
    some areas that you know more about the aspects of carrier play than I
    personally do.

  26. Barron, you are the best!
    I love ze torpedus! but I have also come to loooove the Kiev. fully
    upgraded I have gotten multiple 6kill games.
    the ultimate speedboat.

  27. Hendingburg

  28. Do the Christmas Cleveland let it’s fire giggle bell away

  29. Ohmaha


  31. Keep up the good work Baron. Thanks for trying out MWO as well.

  32. Razzle dazzle, glitz and glam, turn it all up, it’s a spectacle

  33. Love watching gameplay w/ torps of any class, good citidel hits w/ BB’s are
    fun to watch too!

  34. @12:14 Baron if you want to sink a carrier REAL quick shoot AP at it, they
    sink really fast. Far quicker than HE … And that’s a top tip, I Ignored
    Rear Admirals Jingles advice for far too long, until I one shotted a
    carrier (4 hits from the six of my guns all citadels). Now that I get a
    carrier in gun sights I fire AP and they sink real quick, they have less
    armour than a cruiser …

  35. Try Hindenburg: one game with the aa modifications, one with the main gun
    modifications. Give your opinion on what your preference.

  36. the German Tripitz

  37. Yorck!:D

  38. Please play the nurberg baron

  39. Pepsicola bruh. Need motivation to grind my Cleve xd

  40. please play KIEV bro.

  41. DDs please?

  42. konigsberg

  43. baron*

  44. baro i wanna see your favorite ship (:

  45. More carrier battles please

  46. More Iowa please Boss

  47. Play Roon

  48. try to wreck with 4 Carrier

  49. Give us more warships!!! Lol

  50. Admiral Hipper is mean Prinz Eugen right?

  51. more more more!

  52. Yorck

  53. Whats with Barons frame rate? Seems a little low……

  54. play with tier x gearing

  55. baron can you play izumo? or zao ?

  56. Please play cruisers. PLEASE!

  57. I’d say its time for the South Carolina Baron. Enjoy

  58. what an amazing transition at 2:30

  59. Seen someone taking out the KIEV. If you can you should! Great guns, insane
    speed and decent torps for a soviet DD!!


    Play the Izumo !

  61. izyaslav please!

  62. My favorite class is BBs

  63. Great vids Baron, play Derpski plz

  64. The accents are so annoying they’re making your videos almost unwatchable

  65. Definitely would love to see more World of Warships Baron, I gots a needus
    for torpedus!

  66. St Louis for days!


  68. take out the north carolina

  69. don’t care what ship you play just play more!

  70. Pick anything with torpeeeeeeeeeeeeeedoes!

  71. Baronvongamez hoe bout you play from the depths it is a war game you can
    build tanks and planes also ships and i think you can build space ships but
    FROM THE DEPTHS is mostly about planes and ships hope you play it see you

  72. Play the battleship Colorado

  73. I always liked playing Cruisers, but since I got to tier 8, it is much
    harder to actually make credits, or even break even. I find it easier to
    make credits in BBs, and you can’t deny the North Carolina is a sexy beast.

  74. Destroyers baron

  75. Were i live we have 13 santa clauses

  76. Baron more WoW games please and thank you sir! Either Torpedus or Get

  77. Didja try an Iowa class battleship yet?

  78. Christopher Reardon

    Baron for war thunder fly the two engened sm-79 sparviero italianos und
    deutscheland unite!!

  79. Chemistry´s the best!

    imagine German BB’s having little helicopters as scouts

  80. ijn cruiser Aobaaaaaaa!!! snipe city

  81. I have been loving the Gnevny and recently had a 120k game with 22 citadel
    hits I’d like to see how an expert ship handler captains the Gnevny

  82. Atago or Kagero please!

  83. play the i-400

  84. Baron the thing about getting assists is a thing in most wargaming titles.
    the amount of xp and money you get is based on the amount of damage not

  85. Can you fly the planes or????

  86. the mighty Iowa please

  87. Play teir 10 russian DD

  88. BB Izumo Baron!

  89. 51 minutes ago.. gg <3

  90. play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  91. i need more low tier videos :)

  92. Montana and Gearing!

  93. How do you get 2 cits with one hit?

  94. Play the Cleveland

  95. Play a damn submarine already! Type XXI plez :D


  97. Tirpitz or face the wrath of Himmler.

  98. I shot my laptop with a 9mm. Like button trigger has been pulled. You
    better play more.

  99. the roon. type destroyer.

  100. The not so mighty mikasa

  101. How can you be playing this game for so long and still be so bad?

  102. any american cruiser from tier 6 and up would be good

  103. Baron…… DERPSKIIII

  104. MOREE!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Battleships for the win and love the german accent!!! DAS UBER

  106. Is 5 citadels in one salvo against the Tier 7 IJN cruiser with the
    Baltimore good?

  107. German cruiser Roon

  108. well i want you to suffer so play the: LANGLY

  109. IOWA!!!!

  110. VE ARE UBER! where can i get a taxi?

  111. How come he rarerly play with both Phly and Slickbee when they play the
    same games and live under the rame roof. Feels strange to me :)

  112. Baltimore please

  113. Can you do the Fubuki sometime?

  114. best vids ever were yours and phly’s Destroyer series they were a lot of

  115. Irrelevant to the whole ship thing, but i would love you to play the
    Jagdpanther / Bfw. Jagdpanther

  116. Finally some old skool gaming fun 😉 :)

  117. HERRO!

  118. can we see some of the MWO highlights too?

  119. Do the iowa!!!

  120. play the roon

  121. Hi Baron!
    can you play the USS pensacola next?

  122. aircraftcarriers hell yea

  123. BARON !!!

  124. What ship or ship class do you want to see played next? And hit the like
    button if you want to see more World of Warships!

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