Admirals Orders: Sudden Strike – World of Warships

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Summer of 1943 in the Samoan Islands.
British expeditionary force is on route to meet with USN, while being shadowed by covert task force.
They had no idea what’s coming their way.

It was made using footage from World of Warships, edited, enriched by music which will be fully credited below and with help from people from all over the world.

If you want to have a chance to participate yourself in the future events like this one make sure you drop a follow on twitch and join one of the biggest WoWS discord communities to get notified when it goes live.

I want to thank everyone involved who made this possible, without you guys I can’t imagine pulling this off, keep being awesome and smash that LIKE for more episodes in the future 😉

Explosion Sound Effect
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Typewriter Sound Effect


The End of a Legend

The Good Guys – Alexander Nakarada

The Story – Alexander Nakarada

Edward Shakhov – Reflection [OST World of Warships]

The Giant is Coming – Voytek Pavlik

Final Conquest – Voytek Pavlik

Epic Action – Voytek Pavlik

Rise of the Heroes – Voytek Pavlik

Beware of the Fallen – Voytek Pavlik

Pan across North Pacific Map

Compass on Map

Let me know what you think of it and what would you like to see in the future 😉


  1. 4 days?. Flambas u killing us. 😉

  2. Less than 24 hours until you all get to see what we spent two months creating. Can’t wait to see your reactions….

  3. Let me know what you thought of it and if YOU want a chance to participate in this make sure you follow me here:
    This was made with lovely ppl randomly picked from chat during one of Sunday Funday events + a lot of CCs.
    Can you guess who did what by listening to voices?
    I hope you enjoy it so we can start working on the next episode 😉

  4. Thanks to everyone involved, epic watch!

  5. That was great. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible and made it all work so well.

  6. krunoslav lapenda

    As someone who studied WW2 in the Pacific and in Europe, I gotta say this was extremely well done. Congrats again to everyone!

    • Sadly none of the O-Z/C class destroyer has been added in this game. They could replace the Jutland or Daring which were commissioned after the war

    • Василий Чапаев

      NormalPlayer the ship classes you’ve mentioned were a series of cheap and fast to produce destroyers of a wartime, firepower of which is no match for post war “heavy” DDs of the Battle class,such as Jutland. Those destroyers would be no much different from in-game Gallant and players don’t fancy clone ships

    • maitreya sharma

      sounds more like self praise than a compliment to these guys

    • krunoslav lapenda

      @maitreya sharma it was not intended like that, the idea was that it seems to me that these guys actually checked and tried to simulate real military naval tactics, and strategic reasons to attack and defend a military instalation. It looks like they have read a few WW2 books or checked a few facts and not just rely on fancy graphics with no actual realism in mind. English is not my native language so perhaps you got the wrong impression from that statement.

  7. Admiral Statsuru Borukuru

    This got me laughing so much XD

  8. This is awesome. It takes a lot of realization team time for sure. But it was well spent time, thank you all. We would like more, of course. And we will send you money for such a great team work to have more great stuff like this 🙂

  9. @Flambass, @Trilomar Creates – I will gladly wait weeks or months for anything else you create, and hold you both, Jingles, and all other creators in HIGH esteem for this creation! The work, collaboration, sheer time and focus, attention to detail, editing, re-editing, and on and on and on – is imagined – and dictates AWE from us all. Thank you so much for this gift to us all!

  10. the hard work paid off, guys. That was extremely well done. Loved the sequencing and cinematography. You all put it to gether very well, indeed.

  11. Statsuluru Blokerulu and Admiral Bass? Hilarious! 🙂

  12. Well done to all the ppl who participated gave me goosebumps

  13. I cant believe it took you 2 months to do this. If I ever had that same kind of crazy idea, it would have taken me 2 DECADES to even get near that level of perfection. Well done ! People still claiming that Youtube content creator “is not a real job” must definitely see through this and change their mind. As a professionnal, you, kind Sir, have totally succeeded in amazing and entairtening me. You’re trully speshul 😉 Respect from France, o7 😀

  14. VirtualInfinity

    I waited in anticipation and did not get disappointed: Names to laugh your ass off, and all the great random match WoWs goodies: Destroyers eating tops, Cruisers being detonated and Battleships which overextend. I really love it! Great job! Ah, yeah, and the story is great too and well narrated 🙂

  15. Are you gonna be doing more stuff like this? cus that was absolutely amazing! I was geeking the fuck out while watching this whole video, just so well done!

  16. Come on, Admira Stasturu Borokuru? Excellent find, I laughed my ass off on this one 😀
    Anyway, wonderful job mates, that’s absolutely brilliant. The tension, the editing, the voices… Bloody well done!

  17. Very rarely do you see such a MASSIVE collaboration within a single gaming community! Bravo Zulu to all that helped create this very well planned and executed project!

  18. This is insane piece of art. THanks you for this gem.

  19. Gave me chills. Well done production team! MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!

  20. An Old Fogey's Fun

    It’s always good to see so many people willing to collaborate together to produce something so watchable, and so hard to make in the amount of time and hours spent on it – so, many thanks to you all for taking part & we will look forward to whatever your next one may be!

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