After All This Time… This Ship Still Slaps! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Nines game I wish I have everybody go broadside to me

  2. Red team better fear the baguettes that actually move forward.

  3. I love your videos. They’re actually kinda cool they help me out. I had to North Carolina right now and I killed 10 ships before with it.

  4. @launcesmechanist9578

    Great game Spartan! Almost done with the Campaign myself, got the Dunkurque B, Arizona (just in time for December 7), and also Graf Zeppelin.

  5. Is the flandre any good compared to the Jean bart ?

  6. 🤣 hm, could that be a record for highest damage and base exp without a single kill?

  7. @terrystevenson6449

    Now just one minute here MR. Spartan . I play legendly tears and at my old age I know what I’m doing . I can last the entire 15 minutes . Cause I know when to take care and engage from cover and I know when to move . Now I do agree sometimes it’s frustrating when players just rush in and are murdered within 5 minutes . For example I have the Montana and the Yama battle ship one time my entire team died within 5 minutes it was 5 on 1 match I sunk 4 . The last one got away cause time ran out .

  8. I just opened the free Jean Bart the La Foudre, my second game was 190k with a Jaujard aim build

  9. 11:15 – Is that true? If so, I won’t be that afraid from destroyers.

    • Ap overpens are 10% of your max ap damage so for an Iowa 14410 damage an overpen is 1441 so shooting at a dd its 1441 x the hits you get

      HE can potentially do more damage but it also has a tendency to get absorbed by modules so you end up with inconsistent hits vs DDs

      Either way it’s likely going to take 2 salvos to kill a DD

  10. Hey Spartan a few questions. First does the la foundre worth to get it? Second is the commander of la foundre worth for a secondaries build?(i dont have haruna) . Keep the good job Spartan and kick asses.

  11. Those French Magic Bullets Are Insane

  12. Great video as always. You are such an underrated youtuber and i don t know why

  13. I figured it out thanks for the help Spartan

  14. I have wanted the Jean Bart for a year now , pulling her out of crates are nearly impossible why doesn’t wargaming just put her up for sale?

  15. 220k w/no kills. Pretty sweet!!

  16. I just got La Foudre from a crate and OH MY GOD ITS GOOD

  17. Very impressive and well played! I have an off the wall question. Any idea on what’s happened with Opy? She hasn’t posted anything for 3 weeks not. Just curious if you heard anything since you are friends.

  18. @jonathanmendoza4676

    Slapperzzzzz. Beautiful ship she is…. can’t wait to get her!

  19. @moonytheloony6516

    I don’t agree with Spartan regarding the Zieten…but it’s all about play style and preferences that work best for one’s preferred style.

    I see Zieten as a battlecruiser configured like the Konigsberg and Nurnberg (and Makarov) which are excellent cruisers.
    Which means one has to be ok with kiting a bit more often.

    But that’s not what has brought Moony here today…

    The Loony is rather vexed with Wargaming’s Dec 1st unrolling of the much-desired, highly requested Jolly Roger Flag… hidden behind a $70.00 pay wall requiring everyone who wants it to buy one of the two “Pirate” ships for 17,500 doubloons to be able to get that flag.

    $70….for a $&@?! for a pirate flag.

    That’s “Merry Christmas” with a raised middle finger from Wargaming to their customers.

    What a bunch of Greedy Mooks.

  20. Wassup Spartan love the vids, as usual, but love seeing you play this game it make me think abt how bad I am at it😁keep up the good work brother💪

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