Against ALL odds INSANE match – World of Warships

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#wows #f2p

This is truly one of the most amazing and crazy ending, not to mention that entire match you know how it is going to end because you just saw it happen 5 times in a row beforehand. It is absolutely brutal how rigged MM feels sometimes.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Dropping a DesMoines with a T8 CV, thats disrespect per definition

  2. Love the FTP content ❤️

  3. You forget that the protected class has the best ASW in the game, not to mention it’s automatic and with perfect aim lol. Even a tier 10 sub doesn’t want to mess with a CV 2 tiers lower. Nice game tho and your positioning in the end game made it a win instead of a certain loss.

    • I remember a match where an u4501 chased me down in my Implacable, had to manually dodge torps all match, but the auto asw killed him just before he could get me, absolutely hilarious.

  4. kedar Badri Bhaskar Vedula

    This is amazing. You still rock.

  5. Out of curiosity I checked the profile of that Iwami B…
    He has 660 battles played, and the ONLY T9 he owns is Iwami B…
    Just as I guessed.
    He has ONE T8 (U-190)
    And ONE T7 (King George)

    He shouldnt be anywhere NEAR T9 just yet.
    He’s the problem of WoWs player base summed up.
    And then the AUDACITY to judge the Daring, a TOP TIER, for SEAL CLUBBING…………….
    I’m out of words…

    • Yeah since when are Black ships only played by Seals? xD
      The audacity to call someone Seal Clubber cause he shot on someone in a T9 Ship is ridiculous.

  6. I don’t know what happend to wows but i just lost a tier 6 match in under 5 minutes. I am lost for words by the quality of games you play nowadays. But still love your gameplay <3

  7. That’s was the whole definition of carry😂

  8. 10:05 Back then everyone said, dont buy a high tier Ship if you didnt Played long enough to have at least one from the tech tree at the same tier.
    Nowadays People who buy a T9 Black Ship is considered as Seal who needs to be protected cause he had Money to throw at Wargaming lol.

    What was the Sub thinking in the End? Why he didn’t just drove Forward to your destination. There is no way our Auto-Antisub stuff would kill him so fast that he could not launch his torpedos. xD

  9. 3:37 Mass B finally gets surface detected and turns on the macro… Mino still hasn’t been surface detected, so it’s still waiting…

    2 bots on the enemy team means 2 multiboxers on your side… welcome to World of Warships


    4:13 Schleifen pops hydro looking for the other schleifen, has entered weapons range for Mino, Mino activates its macro and begins moving. When your planes spot it again at 4:25, it’s slipped forward and is targeting the freindly schliefen

    And this is where I say it’s too damn easy to spot the multiboxers, and my average is 2 per battle minimum

  10. I quit ages ago. The remaining player base, and the wayWG match make are all too much of a pain. I watch you cos i dont have to expereince the pain of the games myself

  11. I suffered the same throw T8 cv..

  12. Once again one of your games have me on the edge of the seat. GGs

  13. Winning feels a lot harder compared to 5 years ago. There is so much speshul that often you need to make up for 4-5 teammates to carry games.

    • I don’t think it’s that winning feels more difficult, but enjoying and feeling a sense of having earned a win is a great deal rarer because of the proportion of games which descend into blowouts. On the winning side? Great… the f*** did I do to earn it (pick off a couple of potatoes who sat in dumb positions full broadside, cool…)? On the losing side? Pure frustration. But that win where both sides play well and you get to duel two or three ships who know what they’re doing and you’re supported by ships who also know what they’re doing? Just doesn’t happen any more.

  14. How the fuck did the Lexington not manage to do any damage to you until you took him down to half health, even though you were the only enemy for him and you were dealing with Schlieffen?!
    That’s insane…

  15. Never underestimate clowns! 😉

  16. Without a doubt, that was THE most epic win I’ve ever seen you pull off!!!! Too bad your team lacked in the Help department. GG Flambass! 😃👍🤙✌

  17. Love the guy on your team in chat complaining about camping, at the time he wrote that I don’t think i’ve seen a team more pushed up in a game of wots ever lol.

  18. WoWs is like WoT – multi instances of the game on a single computer, just to grind 1 account – as long as WG will not lock this feature of being able to start multiples instances from the same IP address, this thing will occurs again and again

  19. as you said … GG

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