Aigle French T6 Premium Destroyer Review – World of Warships Must Buy Premium

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Upset that the Cossack doesn’t have anything to offer right now? Good news because the is complete and releasing soon!

This T6 Premium is a lot of . A through and through, I’ll go as far to say its a must by for DD mains looking for some mid-tier fun.


  1. French DDs were historically quite good, be interesting to see if the line is good too

  2. Thanks for this review Zoup. Had been wanting to hear more about this ship.

  3. Makes sense, release a way better tier 6 dd when the cossack was just announced and is complete ass

    • Cossack is the guinea pig for Haida, when Parks Canada eventually gets its shit together and lets WG have her. Canadians can be pleased Parks are stalling on this one.

    • NoZoupForYou lol right

    • Cossack is wip

    • HMS Cossack is a very very WIP ship … I hope WG have been listening to us all and is working on it … Fingers crossed …….. or there are going to be a lot of Extremely upset people …………….. Oh and they won’t make any money on it either lol
      ( it’ll just be our luck they’ll make it a free ship for a few missions ) .. sigh ..

  4. Sounds like another HE spam cruiser, not a DD.

    • ejd53 i think there are ppl like you who see He spaming ship every where

    • Phantom Weapon I don’t see it everywhere, but this is essentially a baby Khaba. Can’t contest caps well with bad concealment and it lends itself to HE Spam at long range and has a high fire chance.

    • It is far from a long range HE spammer. The gun shell ballistics are much more like the USN arcs making it really bad for long range shooting, especially with a maximum 700 m/s shell speed. Any Russian destroyer (and Fushun and Anshan) would wreck this thing in a long range gun fight any day.

  5. This is a Tier 7 premium light cruiser by any other name, not a T6 destroyer. That gun range – ludicrous for a destroyer, and the guns are just… wow.

    • With AFT you can also get a Gnevny to fire at 14.3km or a Farragut to fire at 15.1km. No witchcraft involved.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Sirene Racker there you have it More range than a Gnev and Farragut, although close in range, has less fire % A lot less Plus the american guns are terrible from 8km upwards

    • I highly doubt that the Aigle will be effective at those long ranges. The muzzle velocity is only 700 m/s, which is lower even than the Farragut, which has 792 m/s. Now judgning by the projectile weight the Aigle will keep it’s speed better, but still only 700 m/s will significantly limit the effective range, which I assume is below the maximum gun range of the Gnevny, which has a faster muzzle velocity (870 m/s plus shells that are rather heavy) to begin with.

    • I would agree with Sirene Racker here as that low shell speed makes the shell ballistics more like USN destroyer guns, even with a heavier shell.

      LittleWhiteMouse said this in her review on the forum: “Her guns are not the high-velocity rifles of the Soviet Navy which hurts her ability to bombard targets at range”
      “Low velocity shells with high ballistic arcs and long lead times at range.”
      “Knowing how to use and abuse island cover is one of the key skills needed to excel in this ship.”

    • What’s the “Wow” factor? The shell velocity is LOWER than USN DDs, which equates into an orbital firing arc with AFT. It is far from being a Soviet style gunboat.

  6. Why buy this when you have the Leningrad & Blyskawica?!

  7. Stop saying Aygla.

  8. So they make this, wich is amazing. and they make Cossack wich is crap. im beginning to think they have a team of monkeys who spins a wheel of fortune when designing premiums

  9. Excellent review. WG just sold me a ship and that´s thanks to you, Zoup.

  10. Dammit, where’s the T-61?!?!?

  11. “The smoke is active for 228 seconds!” Not even close. That’s the reload of the consumable with a flag or something. You can literally see on the video that the smoke lasts 81s.

  12. enfin un DD nous pouvons tous aimer …. seriously tho after the 2 previous ships I am glad WG are bring out a descent DD … saving my pennies 😉

  13. Seriously dude pls uninstall.

  14. Notser there’s no A at the end of aigle. The E is silent too. You pronounce it almost right, just no A at the end.

  15. no premium consumables ????

  16. What’s with the wide spread torps? So annoying. Hard to take you seriously when you do that.

  17. I haven’t heard so much bullshit since I was in Spain…

  18. Would IFHE work on this tub?

  19. French “Royale w/ cheese” DD and them rainbow arcs! The gun performance rings fairly true though; low velocity but meaty size for a DD as they split the difference between the 127mm common to DD’s & 152mm of light cruisers. Interesting.

  20. I find Zoup’s comments on this video a bit too much of a marketing push to be taken seriously…

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