Air Strike – First Look (World of Warships: Legends Xbox SX)

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Air Strike – First Look (World of Warships: Legends Xbox SX)


  1. How is Italian AA on PC? If its good the cruisers might have a niche as CV hunters.

  2. Been enjoying the battling against AC, been trying out the Italians aswell. not had much luck so far but the rolling smoke has definitely come in handy!!

  3. If you see a ship last scene at the back. You know there’s a carrier he’s defending.

  4. Great work hipper 👍

  5. Was pleasantly surprised with CVs. I was fearing a PC-level disaster but the WoWsL devs pulled through. Plus the new effects are beautiful.

    • Honestly I can agree the Tier 3 Carriers feel much more balanced in terms of gameplay, and aren’t a pain to deal with. Now we wait for the Tier V carriers test

    • The issue is never the T3 and 5 CV’s though // the True terrors are the T8 and T10 PC ones (T7 and Legendary Tier, on Legends).

      That’s where we’ll have to see how powerful or not they are capable of being…

    • @AlekTrev006 true

  6. I was surprised as well. Happy with what they’ve done so far. Hopefully they don’t cater to the people who just want a ship that can wreck havoc on everyone else with no real counter. A nice support ship. Not my style but I’m sure some will get very good with them. But there should be a difficult learning curve, and I think they’ve succeeded.

  7. Alexandre Viallard

    Feels like you are in matrix

  8. Agile carrier build soon? Lol

  9. LetCrescent [LT][N][EN]

    How Bro how we all of os not good at playing CVs bro youst play one game or one vid and you can forget about it dem you. Lol Xd please play one or somfing

  10. Its a refreshing difference. The game was getting a bit stale and frustrating for me and it adds new challenges so I welcome CVs. I think they’re quite fun to play as too.

  11. I’m ready thanks to you hipper lol.. Leuchens and mimbelli and mikawa maxed…agile all the way… Good stuff hipper

  12. Alexander Burkhardt

    hello mr. hipper
    thank you very much to show the cruiser player another style and a way to become more chance to be the difference. and like i was saying weeks before with my lightweight cc and the agility build it make sence to try it. you can engage everyone and can dogde the rounds they re spending for you,of course it takes time to practise. but its salty and fun. thx again very good job
    ps i defended a lot of cv s so far all so fun 😉

  13. One thing I’m glad about is that the games aren’t just the carriers attacking each other. I tried the carriers on blitz and the matches were just the carriers throwing planes at each other until one died.

    • Ahhh i see we’ve suffered the same thing as well. It got pretty annoying since you couldn’t even help support your teammates

  14. I like them so far. Killed 4 cvs and only been hit 1ce by a cv. Best cv game is 85k in Langley after raming a bb.

  15. NO need to justify “agile builds” anymore… players who use these set ups KNOW…shhhhhhhh lol

  16. Loving the increased video output. Like to get my vitamin H each day 🙂

  17. Cv looks pretty week in tier 3 maybe it will change later

  18. I found cv a little hard to strike with. Yubari yohagi and iwaki have really been dominate in air strike thanks to their versatility
    And agility. In defense and attack the ijn cc have really come to party hard

  19. I’ve been playing emile bertin with agile build. Loving it. Fast ship and dodging torps have been great. These agile builds I’ve picked up from have been so much fun playing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. leng wait for it dary

    For me i love to play the carriers as a support role for my team. I love to help with reconnaissance and assistance in damage.

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