Aircraft Carrier Stream | World of Warships: Legends Live Stream

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Maybe some Siegfried too?

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  1. Bertram Lund Madsen

    Wonder why they haven’t made a world of warplanes or something.

    • They have… but no one talks about it… it’s like the special younger brother of WOT and WOW lol it’s best to just ignore him

  2. Playing the Langley for the first time reminded me of when I started playing wows, I had no idea wtf was going on.

  3. Try using the hull crusher inspiration for more torp damage

  4. Do you know how to earn steel?

    • They said in the update file that when you complete the campaign you’ll be able to earn steel. They also stated to get enough to purchase the Missouri it’ll take a couple campaigns for seasoned captains.

    • @WildlandsGaming What? I have to finish the entire Admiralty Backing before I can earn steel! That’s just stupid I won’t be able to get the missouri because I’m broke

    • @Imperial Navy I feel for you, the Missouri will be a very rare ship cept for people that have a lot of money. 🙁

    • Think you have to finish the campaign and/or play the Arena mode when it becomes available. Steel is a reward for that game mode. But the patch notes specifically say it will be impossible to get enough steel to buy Missouri this update, so don’t worry too much about it.

  5. StickMasterCaleb 32

    I would say this is balanced but it’s a bit UnderBalanced

  6. For inspirations I’m using Tanaka and Heihachiro.

  7. If they don’t add AP bombs then make the HE bombs a little stronger. They are weaker then bird dropping at the moment.

    • Sure. But these are only the T3 carriers. We’ll have to see what the T5 ones are like. The HE bombs aren’t weak though. The Langley’s HE alpha strike is like 7300 with a 49% fire chance. That’s like Conqueror HE shells. The only difference is Conqueror fires 12 of them and these bombers only drop 2. So yeah. Probably the higher tier CVs will drop more, and therefore they’ll do more damage.

  8. Nice games. You actually said Spee correctly.

  9. Xarkun how do you get the carriers I completed the activities but it doesn’t show up in my port?

  10. Couldn’t get the theme from 633 squadron out of my head while watching this vid, very enjoyable my friend.

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