Aircraft carrier Taihō – sea mines squadrons hurts

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my second World of Warships channel .

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod

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  1. @admiralprinceeric323

    Pretty about Taiho is definitely gonna coming ahead this year for Early Access in the future

  2. it is more and more comical how WG puts ground based planes (especially like P1Y) on aircraft carriers

    • Or how they give airplanes mines and heal, while surface ships don’t get mines and tier 8 cruisers don’t have heal.

    • @@meganoobbg3387 mines are questionable things in general. Ships can’t really get them because for minelaying, almost exclusively, submarines (do they need more ways to make your life miserable?) and specific light vehicles (like German Drache). Air-dropped mines was a common thing, tho I never heard of Japanese ones. Also whole mechanic when 10 planes drop about 100 mines in one go is pure 🤡

    • It’s a video game dude. Play War Thumder if you want realism

    • @@cheezybirb7810 No realism means there’s even less excuses to why there’s no balance and fairness.

    • @@cheezybirb7810 in fact already do, but it’s besides the point. IJNAF had a good number of dedicated produced and prototype vehicles that would have been better fit. J8M rocket interceptors as manually controlled fighters with B7A as bombers/ torpedo bombers for example

  3. Is he that good at placing mines or are enemies extremely stupid? I usually end up 12-16 mines max

  4. I’d rather have taiho with old Haku gimmick of 4×3 type of torp squad with some other gimmick about bombs like the old ijn had which were HE bombs or something along these lines
    Now taiho has crappy rockets, laughing stock of British style ap bombs and the mine gimmick which is supposed to be extremely strong

  5. Nearly 50k damage from that first mine drop 🤦🏻‍♂️
    It even sets up ships so they can’t manoeuvre to avoid a follow up strike.

    • From 1 torpedo of Shima is 20k, from 5 launch on shima TA Yamato going to port with full HPin 97k yeah – nerf cv, upp dd…

    • Honestly its too easy to dodge this mines. They are highlited and do not spoted very close to each other

    • @@user-sj9lw1xw7gand they are pretty easy to counter with depth charges. I purposely ran into mine fields on the test server to pump up the exp while destroying the whole mine field.

  6. This seems to be a very good cv, pretty unique.

  7. J7W1 type-2(hypothetical type)

  8. Huge respect for this guy playing interceptor build.

  9. Not going to lie that actually looks kind of fun to play


    Taiho in WOWS al last
    WG: let’s put Albacore in the game

  11. It looks amazing, but it’ d be better if the torp planes came back with the mine squadron. This combination would be perfect.

  12. where do you download the mod?,like aircraft or the ship model,in modstation theres ony a little choise and thats only for tier 9-10,i wanna install the mod for my low tier ship but couldn’t find it

  13. nice WG, the first time I see Tier 10 CV is better than the Tier 10 supership in the line

  14. I just wish that they would redo carriers, submarines, secondaries and AA guns along Battlestations Pacific Guidelines. That was the most fun game. A lot better than this one

  15. I think I’ll just be yoloing any matches where I have to play against this new CV BS. Not worth the aggravation.

  16. so the minelayer planes arent consumable but are player-controlled now? that’s good i guess

  17. it annoys me how i unlocked essex and taiho on the CBT and live game, then they took them off me to add them back behind a pay wall for essex and taiho will probably be the same

  18. It actually looks fun to play, now that wg nuked the cv torps those mines will be helpful to cv mains

  19. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    As much as I don’t really like carriers, I’m glad we’re getting historical ones, I hope to see ships like USS Gambier Bay, HMS Ocean or IJN Shinano in the future.

  20. I’m so impressed by how the player was able to get over 80k damage by just laying mines! Very impressive I must say.

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