AKIZUKI – 9 KILLS – EPIC RELOAD || World of Warships

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  1. [][][][][][][][]

  2. Sometimes the best games end up being a loss and leave u wondering how much xp and credits u would have made

  3. captain skills?

  4. How to get shell hits for the mission 101

  5. Imperial Japanese Navy

    15:23 Dakkazuki

  6. 정체불명의사도

    Oh my play is here
    What a suprise..
    Thx to use it

  7. 12:30 Machinegun confirmed

  8. 15:24 WHAT IS THISS

  9. Heroic stand! You sir shall be remembered by your ancestors as valiant and worthy of embrace by our forefathers in the afterlife. To VALHALLA WE RIDE!!

  10. Not a shock this came to a loss. You could see it five minutes in the positioning if his team. Usually, when you get these numbers in kills it indicates one or both teams having incompetent players. In this case, both teams were but the player’s team sacrificed themselves early for no gain and made more mistakes then the enemy team. The player was in the negative hole from the start.

    The player tried to carry so hard his arms was about to fall off. lol 🙂

  11. what an abysmal team you had mate….anywhere else this would have been an epic carry and win. What a hearbreaker!


  13. Capitaine Clement

    I love

  14. I would feel so shameless if I was one of his teammates

  15. GooD but now staying in smoke to spam with shells it’s difficult with radar sonar and torp incomming

  16. Afrizal Firmansyah


  17. 17:10 what on earth was that BB doing. just go cap the safe side of C you 100-hp nutjob ;p

  18. Madcap Magician

    wow, just wow.

  19. If only this poor bastard had a couple of teammates that had a good match too.  🙂

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