Akizuki Slaughter – 8 kill – 3k+ base xp – 280k damage || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Second, after the usual lol gay

  2. OMG ? so satisfying

  3. dejavu

  4. Κώστας Ευαγγελόπουλος

    Gg… Potato salad ????

  5. That kid is pretty good !!

  6. I saw this one from Jingle, i guess

  7. Always a pleasure to watch Robins Gameplay 😉

  8. saw it from jingle, solid game

  9. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    This is Robin, the best WoWs player in the world.

    • I would argue Dolphinprincess, Sneakysnake and rngsama (plus a couple of other names) are definetely in the conversation, although their exploits are not as well known. But Robin is definetely up there.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @Taavi Theman If you look at the EU leaderboard Robin is 12th in terms of personal rating and one of only 16 people with a pr higher than 3000. But the vast majority of the rest are: a) Stat padders with 99% of their battles in tier 2s b) Old iteration exclusive CV players c) one trick ponnies that play 90% of their battles in one ship class (mainly dds) or d) rerolls with relatively few battles.
      The only normal player with a lot of battles across all (excluding CVs, which is a plus in my book) classes is TheSailingRobin. So i stand by my assessment.
      I mean, you’re in a battle, you see that guy, especially in a cruiser, on the enemy team it’s time to shit your pants.

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας I see you are putting a lot of effort into your argument, but you would also need to take into account competitive play (which Robin doesn’t even bother with) and a bunch of circumstances not covered by stats. You would also need to do a comparison to players on other servers and its impossible to say PR is one to one value across all servers with the way it works. So at best you could come up with a top20 or top50 without knowing the exact order with the limited information available.

      In my books the ultra high PR players who shine when playing against other high level players in KOTS and clan battles regularly should also be in the running for #1 player.

      Also having been Robins clanmate a long ago and playing the first season of clan battles with him he definetely performed as expected in the Montana while (still) being #1 player on it on the server along with the DM. So I would place Robin somewhere in the top20 or top30 in the world without knowing exactly where he is, but he is not doing competitive atm so I would like to see him playing against other top players more to see if he could be considered the absolute top player.

      But I get it, you’re a big fan of his and he will be #1 in your list and that’s fine. No need to argue this issue further I think.

  10. rapeodes san

  11. Kostas Mantoudis1966


  12. Ah, kraken…

  13. Jingles did this…

  14. Great Game. Big Start. First 8min very good.
    280k with T8. Good Job Robin

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