AKIZUKI wiping out RANKED TEAMS in World of Warships

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Mixing Ranked with Akizuki can end up with intense results. Let’s see what this popular gunboat is capable of in a competitive setting. Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at https://warships.net/TheSailingRobin

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  1. Welcome back Robin. Great battle, surprising outcome, love the intro.

  2. DarkonekoHellsing

    5 minutes in and the team is already abandonning him alone on the base, yep, that’s on point for being a DD in ranked.

  3. The Mighty Jingles

    Z-23 tries to win harder. No-one except Robin is surprised. 😉

  4. I really love your commentary on why you chose your actions during the match.

  5. Always a pleasure to see your videos. Would wish you did more legends videos, as they make me want to play the game again. I seem to have lost interest in it.
    Finally, you are an amazing player. I can only hope to reach the top of your socks. 🙂

  6. Always a pleasure to see your vids Robin 🙂

  7. Great to see you back Robin, beautifully produced as usual, despite the frame rate. (I think I must have missed the Kansas vid>)
    My brother and I are going to Brittany next weekend for a two week camping trip, so it seems like good timing 😀

  8. 5:34 I have always had extremely bad luck with torpedos as well. The one thing that really helped me improve my hit-rate was that I stopped launching my torpedos “to hit ships” and started launching them “at places I don’t want ships to go”.

    The guessing game of what the other player is going to do, how aware they are of your torpedo threat, I can’t get in other people’s heads that well. But when I say, “I don’t want Bismark pushing into A,” the torpedo launch path stops being a prediction game and hit-or-no-hit, the spread is a success (damage if he goes in, positioning victory if he turns out). Makes using torpedos feel better too; no more “I can’t believe I wasted my 100+s cooldown attack and missed everything” feeling.

  9. Despite excellent games and decision explanations, I really like the way you served the video. The cinematic, the quality, the sound track, the transition. Amazing! Keep it up Robin! Cheers~

  10. As always a great vid. I always look forward to your YT videos and wish we could get more. Your World of Warships content is the best on YT.

  11. Robin uploads very sparingly, but when he does its always a video worth watching.
    O7 good sir.

  12. Fantastic video, as always. I love your commentary. It’s a joy watching pros like you!

  13. andrzej.g.olszewski

    Absolutely worth waiting for – as always! Thanks for the video!

  14. Yeah, welcome back! Great video as always, love the intros. Your chat was surprisingly salty, since you always seem so composed… Seems that happens even to the best of us 😀 Thank you for sharing that!

  15. Akizuki is so much fun, it was one of my faves (Fletcher too). T-61 and Cossack were my top DDs.

    I quit WoWs after they put submarines in ranked. Subs are garbage. So I left. No regrets, not missing anything. I was just below reaching 54%wr and really enjoyed playing DD for four years.

    The Little White Mouse incident and the recent surge in premium ships where premiums being released outnumber tech tree releases. That stuff just made it easy to leave.

  16. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Man, Akizuki is my second favorite IJN DD (Shiratsuyu is #1).
    I don’t remember what I have on her but I remember mine has the extended fire range.
    I love downing planes (Divebombers and Torpedo Bombers… “Attackers” not that much), and doing BB-Qs (Burning BBs to hell).

  17. Robin, Really nice editing! Also thanks for the tip on the upgrade description.

  18. Robin: explaining every detail of the match and his decision making processes which lead him to ultimately win the game
    Me: haha funni ship with fast guns go brrrr

  19. AeroSpaceNews.com

    Beyond your usual excellent gameplay Robin @TheSailingRobin, I just want to compliment you on the opening title sequence with the tracked ship and captain specs and the overall edit. They looked great and your edit was outstanding. That’s some extra effort and talent and I want you to know it was noticed and appreciated. After Effects your tool? The glitchy transitions felt a bit like one of the Red Giant suite.

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