Akizuki + Yamamoto = Monster || World of Warships

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  1. That is scary

    • Grant Nelson i wonder if he ould become as annyoing as a russian dd at that point cuz russian dds are always firing their guns

  2. 9:33 Gatling mod activated x)

  3. Thumps up directly when I saw the intro. Very good work.

  4. This captain on the 155mm mogami… like a downtiered minotaur…

  5. Those intros must be explored into short movies.

  6. 3:45 world dumbest Atlanta?

  7. Really Atlanta?

  8. Anyone else watch these vids hoping they aren’t shown to be on the receiving end of any and all paddling?

  9. Akizuki + Yamamoto = Monster ? Well thats math i understand ?

  10. best DD player – really fun to watch, charges enemy smoke, a recking machine – awesome

  11. 10:18
    How can it missed akizuki?!

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