Alabama Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay tutorial of the Alabama, the tier 7 Premium USN Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends, the free to play console game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. American battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in an Alabama.


  1. Thank you for another great video. Your videos have helped me become a better player. As for the Alabama not dethroning the Iowa I disagree. For my play Style I do consistently better in the Alabama than Iowa. The armor is what I like the most it’s more forgiving if you do not angle perfectly.

  2. I think the most satisfying thing I’ve seen is auto deleting a full health cruiser

  3. 160 k………cool…tbull i love that play. I’ll be getting that kind of damage soon when i get an alabama….nice video though

  4. I love how you narrate your gameplay… I have learnt so much … He Gone ????

  5. Will they add tier 8-10 on console anytime soon? Also will add the tier IIIs that are on pc and bump the rest of the tier up by one, for example: Bismark is tier VII but on pc it is VIII

  6. Comparisons between Iowa and Alabama were on point.

    Was starting to worry you forgot about that 49% torp reduction.

    Play it like the Colorado bow tank enemy salvos and then swing rear out to fire all guns and back before they can hit you again.

    It earns well too

  7. They fire the same shells. The difference in their guns is barrel length. Alabama uses 406/45 guns while Iowa has newer 406/50 ones (80 inches longer).

  8. I don´t like Iowa, so I am probably not getting Alabama although I will have xp for her soon. My favourite tier 7 is Richelieu, Bismarck and Vanguard.

  9. because i'm batman 5702

    Isn’t 49% the best torp damage reduction in game?

  10. Nice game love this ship still grinding for it about half way there thanks for the share and time you take to do your vids

  11. “Oh yeah, it has a 49% torp reduction” kinda burying the lead. This should have been the tier 7 while the Iowa should have been premium.

  12. Where are the competent ps4 players at? Pass your psn

  13. Just wouldn’t be a Tbull vid without a “HE GONE” in there somewhere! Great video, thanks..

  14. GG. cheers for the review, only 450k global to go, yay! Peas love and all I want for Xmas is the Alabama Slammer. Johnno Bloke.

  15. Iowa has 50 caliber guns, Alabama has 45. That is why Iowa’s guns have more stank. Longer guns increase the velocity of the shells and the range. This is true in any gun system from artillery to small arms.

  16. You honestly make some of the best WOWS content. I used to play on PC but but switched to xbox because I had way more friends to play with on console. I enjoy watching all of your videos! Keep up the great work!!

  17. I have learnt so much just watching your channel, New to the game and would of never thought to keep your guns on one side of the ship and to use the terrain to hide your ship I have only played 20 games. Keep up the great videos.

  18. Hey Tbull great game man keep it up. loved that teaching methods about finding worthy opponents ??✌

  19. But Man from THAT FAR U GOT A KILL I WAS LIKE ?????

  20. and that explains why it shrugged off so many of my torps. good game. Pretty formidable ship.

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