Alabama From Down Town! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. William Kjellberg

    Yes I was first, finally Spartan
    SWEeT HoMe aLaBaMA!

  2. Awesome video,Also did you see that they add the Republique is back for 1.4 million GXP

  3. William Kjellberg

    Path to the Fletcher maybe? 🤔

  4. Either I wasn’t paying attention to the patch notes or they did not mention starting a fleet costs doubloons. Seems very money grabby/greedy. Or it just me?

  5. What are your thoughts on the Salem and Tulsa?

  6. Are you accepting people in your fleet?

  7. Jonathan Schattke

    wanted to watch this, as I have actually wandered that old boat.

  8. Now p. Heinrich has 6.5km base for secondaries

  9. Thanks for posting. I feel like I’m learning a little something every video and it has helped me a lot.

  10. That’s what he gets for thoguhting you’re dead 😂

  11. Thanks for playing my favorite ship (IRL) hopefully i can get into your clan. Such a shame your teammates made bad decisions

  12. Gotta grab that cap in those close matches or at least survive the push into yours and never forget about the low health guy that disengaged, that shit can come back to bite ya

  13. I want this ship so bad. Currently grinding the global xp

  14. You literally give me the energy to play this game

  15. I saw USS Alabama in real life! Also, pls do more Atlanta videos! (Also, I’ve never seen so many shells fly in one of your videos before)

  16. What is the strategy to employ if someone is riding your hip like that? Slow down and let them take the heat first?

  17. What does the Alabama have over the Massachusetts aside from having slightly longer range? Is it worth getting Alabama over the Massachusetts for global XP?

    • How I understand it is that the Alabama is more accurate than Massachusetts at long ranges.

      Spartan hitting that enemy Kansas for roughly 45,000 damage at 17.5 km…is an example of that accuracy. I’ve heard the Alabama being referred to as a literal sniper battleship because of that long range accuracy.

      I have both ships and it appears Alabama has a knack for hitting enemy ships at 14-16 km or a bit more for a LOT of damage up to and including death strikes.

      It’s a great ship to play.

    • Alabama is more accurate overall.

  18. Hey Spartan great Vid👍. Also I have 2 questions, where do you get the camo for the Bama, and which one would you recommend, Bama or Massa?

  19. I’m watching your video in VR Chat lol love ya vids keep them coming

  20. Yep update day is hard play this game i get loads damage and my team sits back leaving me to fight 5 ships on my own great video Spartan enjoyed 😎✌️

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