Alabama – LittleWhiteMouse Hard Carry || World of Warships

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Ship: ST
Map: Shatter

User Description:

As a test ship, Alabama doesn’t earn medals. The ones listed below are the equivalents earned based on calculations made. Some are easier than others to discern, like Unleashed (5 kills — duh). There were 483,000hp combined on the enemy team. I inflicted 192,521hp and damaged 6 ships. This nets a High Caliber. Of the six ships I damaged, I failed to do over 20% of the hp of the Missouri, so no Confederate. The final shot of the game against a Fiji would have netted me a Devastating Strike.

Everything seemed to be going so well! Our team quickly secured capture points B and C and by the time we hit the 10 minute mark, we were up 700pts to 300 and change, with a two-ship advantage. And then it all fell apart. Their Fiji, captained by Zenbutcher, pulls a rockstar move and double-taps two of our ships in B-cap and secures it. Lert, my division mate, gets overwhelmed north of C (but not before doing 106k damage). And when I look at the minimap, our two remaining Battleships are on the 10-line for some reason.

I would have said those two were completely useless, but they did keep the two enemy pointing their bows at them, giving me almost perfect broadside shots to pull them down. They did finally manage to a Pensacola too. However, these successes weren’t enough. The enemy controlled all 3 capture points and with less than 2 and a half minutes to go, there was no way to get ahead through trying to take those back.

This left me to handle the two Fiji … the second one dying just as the time almost ran up.

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  1. Rare ship ? Not seen

  2. The amount of bad players in this game is mind-boggling…

  3. Друг почему ты так поздно выкладываешь видео у нас в России сейчас 2 часа ночи может пораньше будешь размещать а то пока дождёшся уже и спать надо

  4. it’s annoying that he ignored that Edinburgh

  5. The Lemming Train was strong on this one 🙂

  6. There’s some audio desync issues with this video.

  7. this thing really has a big fat ass

  8. indecisive and unstable. and at 12:40 why our warships stay at the far right end , when base B had been occupied?

  9. I was on the BB 60 on Saturday. Actually being on the ship is a eye opening experience and well worth the time sweat and entry fee. The turrets are open so you can explore the Main 16′ and 5′ guns and see the targeting systems. You can get a feel for how thick or thin the armor is in places and how cramped things were. Also you can check out the interior and see it from the upper decks or conning tower. If you have the opportunity it is well worth the look the U.S.S. Drum ( Sub) is also open for touring and freaking cool to see as well.

  10. I love how at about 2:05 you see the rear turret decide it’s faster to turn toward the starboard side by just going through the ship rather than all the way around…

  11. I had a good laugh after two battleships and a destroyer all went after the one, lone Pepsi in the north. The fact the enemy had all three cap points didn’t seem to matter. Good read on the big picture, Mouse.

  12. “You guys are killing me.”

  13. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Let’s agree that 27 seconds is a long ass time to reload 16′ cannons.

  14. panzer accept replay of tier 4?

  15. A rather selfish player, not a teamplayer.

  16. enemy pepsi was great. but fiji was stupid
    he can just run and survive, getting solo warrior…

  17. this must be fake…
    flamu said it is a pile of shit

  18. Every one is more like I farm damage, don’t give a fuck about caps. Clear throw from enemy team.

  19. Well done LWM, good game, smart play.

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