Alaska 5 Kill Amazingly funding ending || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Rocketmaster 2016

    First 🙂

  2. What i’ve been waiting for 🙂

  3. I want the Alaska very much, but NO WAY I am paying 65 Euro for one ship…

  4. stefanos perivolaris

    Potatoesman they re free frags

  5. *HOOOOOOOONK* BOOM! Heh, wish my games went more like this. XD

  6. That Musashi ignoring a broadsided Alaska. Wow… I wish I was that Lucky.

  7. What stupid players in the opponent Team!!! Musashi is the best in the Video….HARDCORE PLAYER!!! 😀 HAHAHAHA

  8. I smell some kind of nerf coming this way. It’s going to be the GC all over again. Bait and switch. Up tiering it won’t matter much but they’ll nerf it somehow.

  9. Is Ibuki really same tier…?( ˘•ω•˘ )

  10. чудовищный ебанат на аляске. весь бой долбил ББ в лоб линкорам.

  11. What an idiot for not helping out his DD near the start instead too busy looking over the mountains instead of shooting what’s in front of him

  12. How long it takes to farm 1m free xp? 1 year? You must be very patient to not invest free xp in other ships…but to wait for alaska! I don’t have money for game and alaska is only dream for me.

  13. Денис Канов

    I’m new player and i need help: which country have the best ships?

    • Every nation has good ships with with pros and cons. You have to decide what type of ship you enjoy most. Battleships, cruisers, destroyers or Carriers. Don’t stick to one nation, read at the forum about the ships you’ll find most of the info you need

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