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Review for the cruiser Alaska, share thoughts on characteristics and comparisons with other ships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX American Cruiser Alaska Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. The only good thing the new patch gave me,was 800k free xp for old CVs!
    Alaska,welcome on board! 😀

  2. Wait 1 million fxp are you kiding

    • This game is Pay to Progress. You need to open up your Wallet and buy a premium account and a premium ship and some flags. And Just start grinding till you hit 1 million exp

    • they increased price because its much easier to farm fxp now.
      u need to stack xp and fxp boosts during good first win events or ideally…clan battles. with full boosts during premium account u can earn up to around 30k fxp PER GAME.
      u never have to pay unless u want to speed it up.
      i got 5M fxp and ALL fxp ships in the game, and i NEVER paid anything for xp conversion.

    • Patrick Joergensen aha so that’s how it’s done

    • +cobrazax I have no flags and like 4 camo how to earn more

    • +dozer games
      wow how??
      i got hundreds of xp and fxp camos, many different types of those, as well as hundreds of camos, some the super ones like spring sky with 200% xp and 777% fxp. i earned them in events.
      just do events and earn them for free! i do have around 61.5% solo winrate and about 10000 battles…doing ranked can also help u earn some more.
      for now, try to do first win bonuses during really good first win events (or clan battles if you can join them). if u stack the best xp and fxp boosts u got in those battles, u can earn good fxp.
      u can also just pay to convert xp instead though…but thats your choice.
      just playing normally as best as u can, can also slowly earn u more.

  3. I like Iowa, I also like Des Moines SO ITS A WIN WIN FOR ME!!!!

  4. Fine till the Nerf hammer falls in a few months…… Sceptical , me? ?

    • +Tyler Moore if you take a ship at tier 5, make no changes to it’s stats at all, and then push it up a tier, that is a nerf. GC will now have to fight better ships and even go up against T8s. How is that not a nerf?

    • Then gets a REAL nice buff just before goes off sale openly….


    • Playing against it…
      People don’t know how to play her yet and she is food for any high tier bb or any cruiser with 27mm of armor pointing bow on or slight angle.
      Not impressed playing against her in my Wichita…imo Alaska is a tier 9 Indianapolis. And again that is playing against her.
      You have pay attention to thoes boats that have no real ship vs ship combat data. It will be up to the drivers who pick this up to figure how to master this. As of now in my tier 8 Wichita, I pick on Alaskas. So easy right now, Alaska is a very unforgiving ship from an opponents pov.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      +MozzaBurger hard to citadel easily burning

    • +Tyler Moore That’s basically a nerf because it’s now a tier higher with no buffs and with the way match making works, it’s really not as good as it was. So yes, it’s a nerf. How much did Wargaming pay you to post this shitty positive spin?

  5. I played a couple games in it. the AA is amazing. even against tier 10s. I did 50k to a Midways planes. Also, guns are good, little slower arcs, but once you get the aim down, she hits cruisers very hard an can deal with battleships that go broadside effectively. She is tankier than youd expect. Overall. IMO, well worth the free xp.

  6. For 1 000 000 Free exp they should give it the Missouri credit multiplier

    • Or an equivalent FXP or COXP multiplier. Fxp isnt that easy to come by and the number and uses of fxp has trippled since Missouri.

    • they r never going to give it to anything anymore…u can earn 2M-3M credits PER GAME with missouri, if u play well and stack all credit boosts

    • Its also purchaseable for 100 euros in the WG WoWs store…..

    • It almost does have Missouri credit printing ability. Its repair costs are about 2/3 of Missouri, and if you could play a $1million game in the Missouri, and replicate the results in Alaska you would probably get about $800k. And she is SUPER fun to play.

  7. IN Bussiness6 game review, USS Alaska can be lethal at close to mid range.

  8. Notser “grounding on Island” testing complete and approved

  9. buy a wichita and get uptiered. By an Alaksa and smash Tier 7s on the odd down tier or hang with the 10s reasonably well. Yeah, buy the Alaska. Chances are most BB’s you’ll face won’t be able to out damage you, just like with most BB’s vs Cruisers at higher Tier. Nothing but Over pens.

  10. No more epic intro in the dry docks ?! PREPOSTEROUS!!!!!

  11. So bloody expensive. $100 – $182

    • S2audicoupeS2 Ingolstadt

      +HardTarget Jimmy yeah. I loved my full AA Speced Gneisenau – now the Aa just sucks. The only funpart of this ship is gone. Secondary are still meh, Dispersion is a joke, only 6 shells also. The only reason to play Gneisenau was to go out and Troll CVs. I hate wg doing Updates nowerdays, because ALL they are doing is fucking things up – badly!

    • u need to stack xp and fxp boosts during good first win events or ideally…clan battles. with full boosts during premium account u can earn up to around 30k fxp PER GAME.
      u never have to pay unless u want to speed it up.
      i got 5M fxp and ALL fxp ships in the game, and i NEVER paid anything for xp conversion.
      the game is pay to progress faster…no one is forcing u but u CAN pay if u prefer. either play to earn it or pay to earn it faster. if u got no time because of work…spend a few days of work to earn enough to buy the ship…or play enough to unlock it for free. its pretty simple and fair.
      when they announced Missouri i had barely 250k fxp. i stopped spending it on anything since and just grinded the fxp…got enough for missouri in half a year. after that i used my boosts better and got enough fxp for everything they added since, with plenty to spare.

    • +Lord Roo Not everyone doesn’t have a life or are a twitch/youtube personality to make some money.

    • +Michael H Valid argument. The grind takes quite some dedication and investment of lifetime.
      Nur luckily it doesn’t feel that grindy as you Can accumulate freue XP by just playing the game. However, you have to play higher tiers and dont suck. You should average at least 1200-1500 base XP w/o premium on average to not completely waste your free XP boosting flags and camos.

    • +cobrazax u must be extremely good makeing 30k FREExp in any game

  12. Dreadnought's Nightmare

    Notser you should compare Alaska to Azuma. If Azuma ever shows up on live server will people bother with her knowing how easy is to citadel her?

    • The azuma has been changing a lot so obviously at this point it would be irrelevant to do so

    • its accuracy (Azuma) vs better armor, smaller citadel better AP pen angles, DFAA, radar (Alaska).

    • +cobrazax they nerfed it’s accuracy and gave it hydro and the Massachusetts heal. No radar, overmatched by EVERY bb instead of most bbs, wonky guns. Right now I’ll stick with AK.

    • +endo mofo
      to Azuma?? really??? oh ok…
      i just stated the known traits of each of them.
      citadel is huge for a huge ship that is overmatched by every BB.

  13. thisseems like a great ship !! sad they gutted the azuma tho i was looking forward for her 🙁

  14. This review really needed comparison to the Kron

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      +Max Saviano Alaska has vastly inferior armor to the Kronshtadt. They left out the armored deck, leaving a paltry 17mm citadel roof. This thing will get dish-ragged by AP bombs and long-range plunging fire. The Krons transverse bulkhead is 330mm the Alaska’s is 220mm meaning you will be able to citadel her through the nose quite easily where is it nearly impossible to do it on the Kron.

    • Alaska is DEFINATELY better. I have both. Alaska probably suits my play style better than Kron, but it also feels smoother in everything it does.

    • +Theokolese The Shadow Of Death Planes can’t get to it. I have 4 19pt USN Captains, I have specced them from full AA skills to full BB survivability, all 4 are slightly different because of the CV rework I’m not sure on the best build yet for BBs or CAs, so I can swap them around a bit. I have the Missouri, which is handy for testing BB skilled captains as well as CA AA skilled Captains. I specced my Alaska as I would for a BB- tankiness and fast reloading guns, put a BB specced Captain on her so she was really rellying mainly on her in built AA rather than extras and WOW. No AA build and she still shredded planes. But with the BB build she was a monster to the enemy team. The CV was targeting me because a Musashi, Montana, Des Moins and a Shima could not get me away from a cap, while I blapped a Mino out of the game as well. I think I ended up with 3 kills, 150k damage and about 60k aircraft damage that game.

    • Alaska is sooo muck more maneuverable with better rudder shift, like waayyyy better. The guns are awsome, the AA is good. Its def a MINI MO, minus the $ gains, but not by much…

  15. I was waiting for this ship! Only have half a million, hope they don’t remove it to soon

  16. i know there is a lot of people that only play this game but 1M Free XP what normal person has that much just laying around i dont think i will ever get this ship

  17. Not a fan any more. You’re too much of a fanboi these days.

    • S2audicoupeS2 Ingolstadt

      Agreed. Everyone for notser is just “awesome”. Wg ripped off the deepwater torps from the Graf Zeppelin and the hughe dmg-chance by the once realy big ap-bomb squadron and for notser the cv rework is awesone… He has craweld way to much in to the afthole of wg lately…

    • bye felicia. your irrelevant opinion is noted.

    • +S2audicoupeS2 Ingolstadt deal wit it.

    • +Tyler Moore If my opinion is irrelevant, why did you bother to answer? Since you have to real reply, beyond ad hominem attacks, it means you’ve nothing to add to the conversation, so, you’re ignored…

  18. I have the Wichita and it is a favorite right now. Compact with punch that is not Washington Naval Treaty handicapped (Indianapolis 16 mm armor, Wichita 27mm with the same guns that load faster)
    What was not mentioned is that the Wichita has no heal but very good concealment.
    The Alaska is a beautiful ship being twice as much in cost but the armor profile is…well…wow.
    I would like to pick one up. I really like cruiser play right now…because once you get it, it makes you a better player overall…imho.
    Alaska? Me like, me want

    • i love my wichita too.

    • +Tyler Moore I have run across MANY Alaskas tonight…They think they are a BB, but the Wichita’s bow armor bounces their shells…one ran from me but I got em. Wichita acquits it self well against the Alaska…for half the price.

  19. OR pay $80 bucks to get the Alaska in prem shop

  20. It`s not worth 1 million FXP.

    • Prantik Chakraborty

      Its a good ship… Its worth it… if it wasnt 1mil then it would be too easy to grind out and thus so many player will play it n ruin mm

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