Alaska – Stretching probability? World of Warships

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  1. Every ship is too good, until you nerf it.

  2. Wow the buffalo is huge.
    Also Wargaming please add design CA2-D (Super Alaska) in the future as T10?

  3. They want a million Free exp for it better not be meh

  4. *Too good…
    *runs and hides*

  5. meh if it was too good it would had bow tanked 3 BBS at the start instead of 2! kinda nice seeing a player in a cruz actively looking for DDs as often as he could though.

  6. Keep asking Flambass when it’s coming out… thank me later

  7. “too”

  8. “TOO” good you mean?

  9. No nerf to Stalingrad tho ?

  10. Mal läuft’s, mal nicht….. vielmehr sieht man wie schlecht die Tirpitz und Bismarck sind. Die Streuung ist wirklich unterirdisch, macht wirklich keinen Spaß mit denen zu fahren

  11. did is it add in a game ? oyuna eklendi mi ?

  12. Its a bad ship
    Actually it is good but WG wants to nerf it because it is good and not russian. So i say its bad so WG will not nerf it .

  13. It’s not too good. But in it’s current form it won’t be bottom of it’s tier like most other usn ships so the ‘boos will revolt. WG won’t release until they tune it just right to be bottom of tier.

  14. Nothing special. Moving on…

  15. I just don’t know if it is worth 1 million free XP!! As a part time player (meaning I have a full time real job), I would have to be one of those wallet warriors and buy doubloons to turn into free XP to get this ship. It would take me a year to accumulate that much free XP to actually just buy it. A million free XP..not for the average player, not worth it..

  16. does not hit hard enough for tier 9
    consistently from what I have seen….. slow reload… better dpm from a Des Moines

  17. Sure it can tank a lot of punchs, but a bit struggling to punch back

  18. How is that to powerful?

  19. 這是白癡嗎? 側面都給你,還給我用he

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