Alaska was Buffed Again! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Currently getting Alaska, will be my 10th legendary, nice to know its been buffed😂

  2. Ooh can’t wait to get this ship looks amazing

  3. Spartan has a good way of explaining things 😂😂😂

  4. do you perfer the stalingrad or alaska with the buffs?

  5. Spartan I was the Des Moines in your Alaska Video. I suggest you look again at my contribution to our side of the map. I will admit I am a mediocre player at best however I believe I did more than you realize I took no cap, won no medals, started a couple of fires yet had 1900 Xp. ( only 300 less than you) 5th on the leader board so that means all my xp. Was generated by damage. I helped on the Stalingrad the Montana the St. Louis and Duncan. I will admit I may be wrong as you a way better than me however I think you saw I had full health and made a snap decision. Yes I hid behind the island but I still think I contributed something to the outcome as well.

    Wally(I am Felix)

    • Hello and you may well have contributed damage but one thing I will say is especially later game try to move forward and trade some HP the Des Moines is incredibly powerful especially when it is not the center of attention which while I am there it would not be.

      Notice how the Saint Louis flanked me using its speed and agility while I was fighting the battleships?

      You could have done the same for our team been just a little further forward.

      At the end of the day a win is a win so in this case it didn’t hurt the team but maybe think about it going forward in a similar situation.

      Much Love and wish you the best

    • Fair enough thanks

  6. Stand On Business Boxing

    The Riga needed a buff! She’s a worth Tallin upgrade now.

  7. I’d like to watch 4 hours of your sitting behind an island slinging HE

  8. Spartan, what’s your thoughts on AA summer’s guns being nerfed, does it compare to other gun boat destroyers

  9. My highest damage after buff 17k (one salve) on a battleship with 16,1sec reload 😂🙏 its perfekt now.

  10. I’m so happy because this will be my first legendary tier and it is almost done in the bureau

  11. Lately I left a game very early I a Kansas. Because the enemy Mainz was spamming fire on me and I didn’t had a chance to counter him. Oh yes…no spotting on my side.
    Mainz sucks.
    Kansas Kansas
    BTW….you are fantastic, keep going. Love you

  12. Oh trust me spartan, if people think the way you play Alaska is bad, You should see me use a full rudder snd speed build for Alaska

  13. Got both Montana and Alaska on the tec tree only 3 more stages till Montana great video spartan cant wait to play Alaska

  14. Hey Spartan or anyone reading this, What tech line should I follow to get a similar balance to the Congress. I unlocked it a while back and really enjoy it’s Tankiness, strong guns, and agility. I’m currently T6 of the German battle cruiser line and on the Renown for the British. Not a fan so far. Thanks!!

    • Congress is essentially an Alaska but with only 7 guns and a slower reload. So Id recommend Alaska as a bureau project.
      If you like super cruisers then you’d probably enjoy the alternate Line of Russian Cruisers as well though dont get caught broadside in them

    • @Spartan Elite43 ok thanks a lot for the feedback. Only downside with Russians… NO HEALS!!! Lol reasons

  15. Alaska was great anyway always hits hard enjoyed the video Spartan keep up the fantastic work 🤠😎

  16. WarGaming just put in updates but still haven’t fixed 3x DD games. Bismarck got absolutely pummeled by all 3 plus Iwami immediately upon first contact.

  17. I am very happy with this buff. Alaska felt disappointing to me before. Now I love it!!

  18. Maaan.. Alaska with Anchorage reload lmao

  19. I honestly think a majority of cruisers should be buffed to be able to survive longer and I am saying this as a battleship main.

  20. What was wargaming thinking on this one, a bow tanking Alaska is now impossible to dislodge or kill if you can’t over match

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