Alena Presents Update 0.7.12 | World of Warships

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The holidays are coming! And so is new Update 0.7.12, the final update of the year. Snow flakes, new Campaigns, collection and much-much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Are you ready to get Prinz Eitel Friedrich as a reward?:)

  2. Nooo dashaaaa :c


  4. naaah please let big Phill host #genderequality

  5. Wait what’s up with the change? Where the hell is Dasha? Is this some new year prank WG? REEEEEE

  6. i love alena, but the updates are a diffrent matter!
    Dasha was the queen of the updates for 3 years now and i wont accept change 😀

  7. the comment section looks like sharks vs eagles again

  8. Flolo made Dasha sick at WG Fest. Everytime those eu cc’s with a beard and glasses

  9. The FDG will receive a buff…I feel it….. finally WG listened to us

  10. The guy looks like Aqua-Man from the movie

  11. Must save Dasha! Find best doctor comrade, if she does not get better….to gulag for you!

  12. Not cool with this fight between Dasha and Alena. Where the hell is Dasha?! It would be much better if they were just colleagues and not enemies. So tired of this story line.

  13. Oh Dasha, you will always be the best, but Alena is good to:)

  14. Where Dasha, and why hagrid show on the intro. Is this only a Prank ?

  15. Wait … dasha didn’t tell what’s new ! Is this update even real without dasha ? Are WE even real without dasha ?

  16. What actually happened to Dasha?

  17. Nice vid Alena and WG! I hope Dasha is doing ok.

  18. I miss Dasha whaaaa but still great video as always

  19. Please, many subtitle, french, spanish, italian, german are loss. Plesa, we need!

  20. Tell Dasha that I’m heading her way with a big bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup..!

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