Algerie Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay of the Algerie, the tier 6 MN French in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and Xbox 1. French tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a Kraken match with the Algerie.


  1. “T” your the best man. French cruisers seem to be always on the fringe of their range. I usually start out in the opposite direction 😂 your videos are a step ahead. Thanks!


  3. Hey bro, thanks for cranking out another vid. I run, also, run double steering gears. But I’m using the offensive captain. If I had promotion Orders to spend on testing I would, but I just can’t bring myself to pump two weeks of orders to test the defensive guy. Maybe someday. 😀

  4. this is 1 of the ships I had 8 kills with

  5. With 8 inches and the need for more range then Andy Lemon is the right guy for you with the Moto and Scotty.

  6. Kite. Kite. Spam he Run kite. Run. Spam he. Kite. Run. Make a sloppy turn and get one shot. Enjoy a glass of wine 🍷 in your lifeboat while you wave a white flag and watch your ship sink. That’s the French line in one paragraph 😂😂😂

  7. Only got the Do-gays and only for the missions. F2P player, so I avoid Tier 7, and if the Martel is the only ship worth grinding, makes this a dead line for me, so a very useful vid, thanks. GG

    • The videos I put up in the tier 3-6 are pretty much how I’d recommend playing the line. Martel is a DPM monster, but the rest of them are mostly only suited for support roles

  8. I’ve played about 20 matches in her so far, feels like the York a bit.

  9. The Lyon is a cruiser’s worse nightmare, accuracy build with a full broadside is a thing to be feared, get caught napping and you better hope the Lyon player can’t shoot.

  10. If it’s basically a Le Myoko, I can live with that.

  11. Nice vid, i real enjoy the play style of french cruisers, like be annoying sniping from extreme distance

  12. How do you use gun lock?

  13. 👍 another quality vid.

  14. How do you get through these lines so fast

  15. Thanks for the tip on locking to the stern on turning keep up the good work T:)

  16. Just got the Emile…haven’t played her yet, but she looks fine…

  17. I think running Lemon on this cud still work, at max range, the ship just would turn a bit slower

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