All About World of Warships Transformers

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Optimus Prime, Megatron, Rumble and Bumblebee. These are the four transformer commanders and camo schemes you get in the oddest, but coolest World of Warships collaboration World of Warships has ever had. Here is everything you need to know about it.


  1. The last time I was this early to something there was no CV rework.

  2. Also yes i got a Montana commander optimus prime 3/3 skill point from a crate

  3. There was more than one TF boat Namely, Seaspray, Broadside and more The characters are great, but I would have hoped someone else other than Rumble and other ship that would not have been the Khaba Oh well

  4. The voices on these are rather pathetic, hasbro should have demanded they pay for the real voice actors.

  5. “What makes the most sense” LOL, FanBoy it all the way Zoup!!! Kind of takes ya back, which is perfect.

  6. Yes their was two transformers boats 🙂

  7. I mean, lets be real, nor anime titty ships or commanders NOR transformers make sense, like not even a LITTLE bit! But as you say, in YOUR mind it makes sense for Transformers, but THAT is because YOU like and love Transformers, just as prolly a lot of people think that anime titties belong and is “logical” for WoWs. But in reality, none of them should be here. But hey, it makes them money, and people like you and weebs like it, and honestly it doesn’t bother me that people drive around with boats that look like clowns, cus it isn’t forced upon ME! 🙂

  8. There was an Aircraft Carrier Transformer, just Google it.

  9. yea u have to see the bumble bee movie its his origin he is a actual vw bug in the movie

  10. Broadside was the name of the Autobot Transformer that was an Aircraft Carrier.

  11. When zoup angered the whole weeb community saying the anime cross over don’t make sense

  12. This ad brought to you by Wargaming. Now buy more gold.

  13. You’re thinking of Broadside the aircraft carrier that also converted to a large jet. Funny the bio says he gets seasick and also doesn’t like heights. Seaspray is better known but he was a hovercraft.

  14. Eh, this is one I’m gonna skip. Not really interested in these, transformers aren’t for me. It looks like they did a good job on these though, it will be fun to see them in game.

  15. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did more of these. You could easily have some of the mid-size characters as cruisers (Prowl, Starscream), maybe some of the leader-types who can fly as CVs (like, say, Jetfire).

    The best part is the voiceover, tbh.

  16. i have no problem with WG making money from stuff like this . skins or captains that dont alter ship stats available for people who want them , far better for the game in the long term than releasing op ships imo

  17. You should put some flags on that thing Zoup
    …”I did”
    Oh, what ones do you run?

  18. I got a megatron commander from one of the containers!

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