All Ahead Flank Speed! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Champagne was just announced…
    Very excited!

  2. One of my favorite ships✊🏽✊🏽

  3. Jancarlo Alfaro

    New spartan video. LETS GOOO!

  4. Love that intro I’ve done 21 Kilometer death strikes with my Iowa

  5. The Yamato beginning was awesome

  6. Shriharsha Suresh

    Lowa booooooo
    Yamato now that’s a another story

  7. The jaws theme made me laugh

  8. Note to self: if you see Spartan in the Yamato just scuttle your ship and call it a day! Great video!

    • Spartan Elite43

      Lol funniest part of that game was I turned back to engage and peek kept going to the base and was heckling me

    • @Spartan Elite43 thanks for you and your content! My win percentage has increased 6% since I’ve been watching.

  9. is it just me or there was no game audio just spartan’s sexy voice commentating

  10. Beautiful game in the iowa spartan! Keep it up

  11. イギリス生まれイギリス育ち

    Lol I just did the same thing today with Yamato against Iowa

  12. RnG giveth and RnG taketh, just had a match in my Texas where I was 3k dmg away from the record and I decided to give it another go, next match I got roasted alive by 4 fires while taking torpedoes from the enemy carrier….

  13. The jaws theme got me good . Soild vid 🙏😁

  14. Every time i watch Spartan’s videos, i wonder where the potatoes are when i play….then I remember they ALWAYS end up on my team and i have to babysit 😣


    That’s What I Do 😂. I Do The Jaws Sound 😂

  16. I love my Scharnhorst. Not great at range but let me get in close to you. Also the Lyon is under rated. That ship also is a beast.

  17. Spartan , yesterday I was playing tier 2 British cruiser and I got 6 citadels and 4 kills . I think you should play this ship it was fun to play . Have a great day/evening

  18. Bastien Karabin

    Bruh those 2 dev strikes xD

    I have a question, what do you think of Champagne 🍾 coming in the next update ?

    Personaly still didn’t paid for the Suzuya and i’m glad i did so

  19. Thanks for the Iowa video, even though I’m late.

  20. The jaw’s theme hilarious

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