All But Patches: Q&A with Dasha Perova #2 | World of Warships

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There were so many questions last time, that insisted on making another Q&A episode! Well, how can we say “” to that?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    If you ask more interesting questions here, may be Dasha will do another tongue twister?:)

    • shes super cute !!!! Dasha plss add the world of warships blitz with your game plss im a big fan of you plss tell the developers some ships in world of warships blitz

    • Follow the River

      World of Warships Official Channel Where is USS Texas? Will she be back soon?

    • isoroku Yamamoto

      Dasha what brach that you like the most (Japan US USSR Poland France )

    • World of Warships Official Channel how about a realistic gamemode be on the bridge the whole battle?

    • Hey ! 🙂
      Why have we a small number of compliments per day ? And I think it would be good if we can choose between AA and hydro during the loading of a game

  2. How are your English lessons going? What is your comfort level with the language?

  3. Thanks for the info LOVE THE TONGUE TWISTER dialog! Any chance of the USS Saratoga being added? She is more famous for her post war activity but would still love to see her in the game! Thanks! Keep it up Dasha!

  4. 3:41 There was no answer on HMS Vanguard. So either she’s close or she’ll never be in the game. 😀
    But without joking, I would love to play her. I love her design and we already have her basic hull design in the game as the Conqueror.

    • andreas pedersen

      The problem With Vanguard is that its a tier 9 hull with T6 guns. It must be a frustrating ship for the developers.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Indeed – its a T9 Battleship Hull – with T6 guns – lets not forget the T10 AA – 73 bofors guns.
      It would still be an excellent T9 Battleship.
      My hopes: It would be an UBER Warspite – meaning non of that OP HE spam – and crappy fast fuse AP gimmick…Aye it will live up to its name of an Uber Warspite.
      Perhaps they could also slap it with radar – making it a RN Missouri.

      Warspite is the true example of a British Battleship. Why?, since she relies solely on British AP based artillery.
      British Gun systems and concepts preferred – Short Caliber guns firing slow but heavy shells – with high-arcs and glorious shell dispersion and long barrel life – aka the 381mm 42cal guns.
      Warspite in game is 90% AP reliant – she decimates everything at T6 with her lolpen guns – and has one of the most accurate guns of any BB in the game. Essentially a mini Yamato at T6.

  5. Can you fix the crashes plz???

    • RAW 757 ah ok i didnt realized this. I check it and I send you reply.

    • ChaosMachineGR i appreciate it. I’m not sure if it’s zooming in and out too fast or if it’s a combination of zooming in and out too fast while holding other buttons. For instance if i was turning and holding alt to see ship names/hp and i zoom in and out too fast

    • @ ChaosMachineGR Delete preference.xml, worked for me.

    • LMAA WardogzZ I will try my friend tnx a lot

    • Yeah I posted that delete the preference file would fix the problem on the wows asia forum as well but nobody actually care, although they keep whining about it and be like “nah it’s not the graphic problem”. Seems people on the forum are very knowledgeable about it, that they don’t need to try it out before whining :sarcasm:. Good to know it works for you @LMAA WardogzZ and hope it works for you as well @ChaosMachineGR

  6. Any information about the French Destroyer line that are yet to come to the game.

  7. When

  8. This question is for the beautiful english voice 🙂 What’s your name ? Do you play world of warships? Did you have already met Dasha? 🙂

  9. if Dasha gone, I’m uninstalling WoWs 🙂

  10. Just a thought. How about adding an inset of the lady doing the english translation in the corner of the video? I’ve heard her voice so often I am curious to see what she looks like now. 🙂

  11. The English tongue twister was very well said!

  12. WHY we cant meet you in Petersburg? ;-(

  13. *That english my heart melted*

  14. will they be adding you as a ship commander
    and jingles

  15. Any estimate on when we can expect to see the Graf Zeppelin come back on sale?

    • OP carrier, I hate it, I know you will like it but being on the receiving end sucks when it kills 1 tier 8 BB with one AP bomb squadron. Completely unbalanced.

    • I know of its power. I have been one of its victims in both my german, japanese and italian BBs. It is not fun at all to be on the recieving end and I do agree that it needs balancing, but I just want it for my german ship collection 🙂

    • 001skm I’m happy for you as a collector, it’s just that I had really bad experience in battle against it because my 14 skill AA Amagi at 55k health was AP citadel hit multiple times at once by 1 squadron and a friendly full health North Carolina was detonated by the Graf Zepplin in the first 5 minutes of battle like it was nothing.. It was a tier 8 battle btw where I top tier with the NC. :/

    • yeah… Not much to say other than it is OP. I have encountered the same problems with the Enterprise as well 😛

    • Broken? It’s massively OP as fck!

  16. Oh wow your English! I loved it Dasha! ?❤️??

  17. Dasha, How far have you progressed in the tech trees?

  18. Who was the turd that asked if RN BBs would get in increase in fire chance?

  19. 5:27 I do not believe I’m on a dashy movie on the phone

  20. Do you plan to come to the Maillé Brezé anniversary event in Nantes, France ? 😀

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