All but patches: Q&A with Dasha Perova [World of Warships]

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Ahoy sailors, I am !
I love reading your comments below my videos!
Today I’ve decided to answer the most interesting questions from your side.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    It was a really fun Q&A session!
    What questions should I answer next?

  2. Submarines, again? How many times do they have to say “It will never happen”? Seriously…

    • we already have hydro acoustic search in game ITS sonar and plane dropped sonar buoys didn’t come along till after some time in the 50s or 60s

    • They would have to create a whole new game just to add that crap called Submarine. And they won’t do it for a class that would have, what, 2 tech trees?
      Again, the game is not prepared for it, and it will never be.
      They already have problems with DW torpedoes hitting wrecks that are not submerged yet…

    • Reminds me of NavyField. SDE (developer) said no subs for the longest time but in the end, submarines were added.

    • they already put a sub in game but we couldnt use it

    • bjorn1583 oh yeah. And i guess it was submerged, isn’t it? And you found it in a map xD…
      There were 2 submarines already, not just one, but in port it doesn’t count.
      As decoración they can put anything. It is different when you try to put something controlable… And they can’t add subs. Argue whatever you want.

  3. can you please make a bridge view (captains chair) available for ships? some sort of interior addition would be unreal!

  4. Heavy Metal, of course!

  5. 18 years old with 12 years of experience…I’ll buy that

  6. Could you make the crew of the ship visible for more detail?

    • Yeah like wot 1.0 there are some people working in the garage

    • If they are seen in garage, i got no problem. But if in battle i get hit by enemy shells and my ships starts sinking/burning, i dont wanna see my crew exploding/getting thrown away because of explosion or see em burning in fire or see em drowning. I dont want to see em suffer because of my stupid mistakes

    • Yeah no one would want it, what I mean is when we in port, they’ll like cleaning the ship or resupply. So far the only ship who has a crew is the container ship

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      They already worked on it. In fact, during the Steven Seagal time period there was one man on Missouri.
      You still can find vids about the crew on deck test. Why not implemented in the last 1.5 years? IDK.

    • They wanted to made a crew in port… Two years ago.

  7. ask about italians
    completely dodge question

  8. “When we have 10 million subscribers on YouTube, we will have submarines.”

    *Rapidly creating multiple Email accounts*

  9. Dasha is looking great here<3
    Q: Any details about carrier rework?

  10. We don´t want Cpt.Dasha, we NEED her!!!

  11. I’d buy a Dasha 10-point commander in a heartbeat.

  12. We need a Dasha commander

  13. Dasha is best ship waifu, period. Dasha captain pls

  14. Hi Dasha! One question that is interesting: will it be possible for developers to add the choice
    of the players’ birthday dates and on the dates they give gifts such as 2 days of premium or 200 doubles? It would help a lot …. Greetings from Brazil!

  15. sure everyone subscribe then when subs come into the game make sure that light cruisers and destroyers have anti sub gear also heavy cruisers and BBs have anti sub planes

    • Keith Starr and torps LOL

    • I think just some sonar on a few ships like they do radar. Depth charges of course. Only early type subs and only one per team. With all the distance to cover the sub would end up mostly defending the base I believe.

  16. 10 000 000 subs?
    Let`s go guys!

  17. Reasons why WOWS is better than WOT:
    1. We get Dasha over MeatHead
    2. We have a more level headed community
    3. We can talk to the enemy team
    4. The WOWS Team actually listen to the community
    5. Less Toxic
    6. They don’t mess up entire classes
    7. Lot more friendly
    8. Lot more fun

  18. She is even more pretty without that much makeup.

  19. Natural Dasha is the best Dasha!

  20. Why do all the commanders look unhappy, can we have some captains smiling please #SayCheese

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