All Tier 7s | World of Warships Legends Console

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Playing all the tier 7s in a livestream broadcast of World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on Xbox 1 and PS4.


  1. i hate when youre cruising in formation and once opponent opens fire, your team mates s**t their pants, turn back and run away in full speed leaving you alone.

    • It’s not a problem if they turn around, even if they create a little space But yeah, if they turn tail and run away thats what can be a problem

    • @Tbull yeah, most of the time they have fled without back fire so I got showered by projectiles from many opponent ships

    • @Ronny K. Sometimes i do if i receive much damage but i always say it in the chat

  2. Darren VanDerwilt

    Encouraging to see someone having similar experiences.

  3. What’s your personal favorite tier 7 destroyer?

  4. team with me on ps4

  5. How do I use spotter aircraft? Can I see from the aircraft camera view much like the computer version??

    • Right now there are just fighter escort planes. I suspect we will get more consumable options, including spotter planes, as time goes on

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