Almost There, Almost There – World of Warships

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We are getting INSANE results with this ship for days now, if we can continue we will get it to where we need it to be. ALMOST THERE.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Your hell ship, how long you will go through this hell?

  2. You are now a St Vincent main

  3. CruisingForMermaids

    Using HE all the time? Seems to work…..

    • The dispersion is pretty bad so AP at longer ranges will never go where you aime so no cits. Moreover, it has the short fuse ap so the shell will oft detonated before it has time to reach the citadel. Finally St.V has 63% fire chance since it’s British so yeah it is best to shoot HE unless you get close quarters

  4. Good game.

  5. mean while my Thunderer 111 hit 1 fire

  6. St Vincent OP pls nerf 😀

  7. Mr.VincentPrincess main… It was fun at the beginning, now I feel your pain. That alone is telling you, at what state the game is in, sadly.

  8. Kenrod Melrocity

    LOL Sets 13 fires within 8 minutes of play and complains about being constantly on fire.

  9. I think the Lexington in the original configuration would make an interesting ship?

  10. Dutch cruisers: actually pretty good without the plane gimmick: decent guns, good AA (at least you get plane damage to compensate for carriers invoking auto-delete). If an opponent sails within range of the bombers, so much the better. Don’t know about the ASW, haven’t played them much since that was added.😊

  11. Almost there. Should only be about another 15 or 20 games!

  12. Those aimbot torbs are disgusting, a reason why I dont play anymore

  13. My WoWs playtime has taken a big drop, but when I do play, I haven’t seen as many of the new hybrid BBs as I expected. I wonder if that’s because people are disappointed with their performance while playing them like airfields.

  14. My cursed/pathetic stats ship is Östergötland, when I try to fix it, I make it worse lol.

  15. Irony….”OMG, I’m always on fire!” says the man in the St. Vincent with 25 fires………

  16. James Copley - Resoldier

    Well played, Sir.

  17. St. Vincent : The BRAWLING version of Thunderer, apparently.

  18. enjoyed the brawling! thank you for posting!

  19. I find this ship’s lone squiggly torpedo really hilarious.

    It’s like McLovin in a room full of hotties.

  20. Never Surrender

    gg game

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