Almost World Record Improving Hayate – World of Warships

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Premium IJN tier 10 DD, Hayate.

It was my 1st battle of the day and I had no idea how close I was about to get to breaking all records with this ship.

If I had any idea I would have been able to break them all.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I like how his FDR is his lowest PR green ship

  2. just watched jingles doing your clan battle .. Nice👌

  3. Burris Streaming

    My great uncle is buried in Belgium. He died in the battle of the bulge. While my grandfather was driving a colonel to a meeting near the front lines he passed his brother marching to the front lines. when my grandfather arrived at the destination he asked permission to go see his brother and was told yes. by the time he got there his brother was killed in action.

  4. Wow. Hes’s like lets improve i’m having bad stats with this ship, and then Almost broke a world record.

  5. You mist that Halland shot a volley of torps just as you put your smoke up you could see them go by in the middle betwwen the island you pointed out

    • @Frozenstein STFU SCREAMER!

    • @Frozenstein Can you please stop spewing your moronshit????Mr Frozenbrain!!??

    • @Zachary Jones It’s not yelling, since only a few words were in capitals, that means I was putting weight on that particular part like how you do at times verbally. What annoys me here is the countless people crying and accusing a guy of cheating with 0 evidence. All they have is a single word from the start of the battle and that he killed Flambass at the very end. Nothing in between. In fact there are so many evidence against him cheating that I could write an essay about it…

      ​ @Andrew Adami Halland reload is fast by default (if I’m not mistaken) and even less with AR. His torps were spotted at 15:06 by Vampire and 16:18 by Flambass. And we don’t know the range from which he fired them. That’s plenty of time to reload.

    • @Frozenstein 😂😂 you’re so invested in this discussion it’s amazing – what are you doing with your life that you get so annoyed by people disagreeing with you?

      If you look at my replies, I’ve acknowledged your point of view. I’ve explained that i think he may or may not be a stream sniper and I lean towards the former. Why is life so black and white to you that he either either definitely is or definitely isn’t a stream sniper.

      And please, write an essay.

    • @Zachary Jones I hate stupid people. And I hate stupid fanboys even more. I was also already annoyed yesterday and when I came here, all I saw was people ganging up on this guy for the very simple reason of, guess what “I had to close the stream…”. And that’s it. All their “proof”. Single mindedly accusing and bashing someone just because Flambass was denied a potential world record. And I kept reading it over and over and over as I scrolled down. No wonder I was more than disgusted and snapped. You are 1 of the only 2 people who are actually doubting it was cheating. So props for that. But I calmed down since then and only replying for the sake of replying and finishing the discussion.

      Also why is it so bad or amazing that someone is invested in a discussion? ~90% of the comments in these videos are people fawning over Flambass or other youtubers while the rest are haters. There’s barely any discussion worth mentioning. Even less when people are defending others with actual proofs and proper explanations instead of doing the stereotipical internet thing of hating mindlessly… my life isn’t black and white. I in fact am someone who always tries to look at both sides of the coin. I can understand and accept other people having their own opinion, but if I feel like i’m right, I’ll fight back and not just shrug and leave. Simple as that. As for the essay it is under Sonar Tech77’s comment.

  6. Great work Flambass! I had a great run (by my standards) in Hayate, it’s still my damage record. Not too sure why though – it feels like a gearing… back to your original point, without more creative game modes/maps and things this game will die – there’s only so many things you can do with varying ship design – I’m already pretty much meh when a new line comes out.

    • This game is already dead. On the NA server you’d be lucky to find 15k players at peak times and 2500k off peak.
      War Gaming will just keep pumping out Premium content at the exclusion of free content and game balance.

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    man, how pissed off must that moskva be with no one trying to shoot Flambass during radar, I would never get away with that. Jingles showed your clan match! Kept calling you your long name instead of flambass!

  8. And halland must have torped risking hitting Vladi or Hindenburg. Doubt he was closer to you than them when she launched them.

  9. FB,
    Watch your vid, you looked at them. and your torps were ready. you should have fired.

  10. People are really running out of detonation flags, huh. All these detonations make the game even more random than it already is. 🙁

  11. say it with me kids: smokescreens are topedo magnets

    • Despite it ironically being a low success gamble. But we never said the player pool is smart, so…..

    • @Andrew Adami Torpedos into a smoke are at least a 50/50 chance of a dev strike, maybe even better (T8-T10) but I play only random battles haha

  12. Fabian Schwegman

    damn what a game… unfortunately you need a minimum of 80 games played in the ship to let it register at all, so potentially there has been higher games by players that didnt play the ship that much (similar to you), but one helluva game nonetheless!

  13. Flambass: Trying to figure out how that Halland got over there.
    Halland: Gottem, coach!!!

    • @Brian Mahnke He did not… you can see from his torps at 15:06 that he was being chased by the Vampire II up north the island. He simply run around the island for safety’s sake and punished Flambass who made a mistake by staying in his smoke stationary. Doesn’t need rocket science to figure out this much…

    • @Frozenstein Of course he stream sniped. What are you talking about? He was last spotted at 9:57 ! He left B exactly when Flambass left B and the Vampire which was quite far at the moment didn’t see him at all since then either so he could not “chase him”. Of course the cheater didn’t exclusively target Flambass, hence the torpedoes towards Vamp, but all his game was “watch the stream and be a supah ninjah”. Disgusting, useless for his team, and taking away potential record breaking result from Flambass. And Flambass stayed in his smoke because he assumed that enemy Halland is trying to win the game and is playing for his team – not for his little moment of doubtful fame. You had this explained in the video, didn’t you listen?

    • @Edi J Flambass was spotted camping the same position from the very beginning of the match all the way up to 9:20 when the Halland engaged him. You can plainly see he “didn’t leave at the same time as Flambass”. He was almost killed and had to run earlier (9:59 when he disappeared) than Flambass even left. Then from there you can see a Zao moving up to B, multiple ships entering C and a Roon sailing north. There was little room to play until the Roon was killed at 13:05. At around 13:40 the Vampire was spotted and at 14:32 killed an enemy DD. At 15:06 the Halland’s torps were spotted coming from the left, aimed at the Vampire, which means, by that time he was around north of the island above A. It was at 16:18 where Flambass spotted the torps that killed him. Over a minute later. And while Flambass was explaining stuff, you can see the last enemy ship dieing and the Halland having 3/4 of the cap points already. Which means, during his torping or even before he linked up with them. Flambass also explained he did not expect the Halland there not that he was accusing him of cheating. He explained he expected him to play like a highly skilled/experienced player would. But such a player is rare as hell since even a few years ago. But he also didn’t pay attention to his or the enemy team’s positioning. You can tell that since he failed to notice the torps at 15:06.

      What happened more than likely is, that the Halland expected his entire team to die at B and C and didn’t want to get separated from the rest. He didn’t know if the Roon would survive or not and didn’t want to get caught with no smoke by the Vampire. Remember that area above/between B and C were pretty much surrounded. He didn’t know where the Vampire is, but he could very well guess he was with the rest of the enemy team pushing west. So he kept running west as well and when saw the Vampire, torped him. Then he simply linked up with the rest of his team and killed Flambass sitting in smoke. No conspiracy theory or suspicious activity. Simple logic and hindsight.

      But let us assume the Halland wanted to cheat. IF he wanted to stream snipe, during this over 6 minutes of gameplay, he didn’t need to go all the way around the entire map and the islands. He didn’t need to wait this long. And above all else, he didn’t have to be this sneaky. Just keep looking at the minimap! All he had to do, since he left before Flambass even thought about leaving, is go straight into A and wait for him. He had multiple friendly ships to help him. He had multiple chances to torp him. He had all the chances to engage him in another gunfight. There was nothing that could stop or even spot him. But he did neather. Why? Tell me why? A cheater doesn’t wait this long to cheat. They don’t wait until they lose the battle. They cheat from start to finish. But the Halland didn’t show any of that. He didn’t even need to. You can rewatch the video just how many times Flambass was spotted. And there were only 2 positions he appeared at. It was crystal clear to anyone where he was constantly…

    • @Frozenstein 9:54 Flambass shooting Halland – this is the last time we can see the guy.
      I don’t accuse him of devoting ALL the game for stream-sniping. He even said himself that he won’t do it…
      But since that moment he decided to go dark, only throw long range torps to deter incoming ships (which he could see but they could not see him), and move after Flambass. He didn’t do anything else in this game.

      That the torps were spotted doesn’t mean much in a random game. Almost nobody can differentiate which ship launched them and where from, don’t overestimate it 😉

      Flambass was not “camping”, he was actively fighting near the objective. At “the end” he just decided to stay in the smoke because he expected his torps to be reloaded and because he was spotting the only ship which he thought is capable of torping the smoke. He (wrongly…) assumed that Halland behaved logically and didn’t focus him specifically.

      But Halland trajectory was far from optimal, he traveled through half of the map doing nothing (esp. easy to see the difference when comparing what Flambass did in that time).

      Of course we don’t have 100% proof, but this looks exactly like from 10:00 the sole objective for the guy was to stealth torp one particular player. Look at his position – he was launching from WEST of A.

      Sure, Flambass was spotted most of the time, but in key moments he was not. And the guy himself disclosed that he actually had the stream active “but turned it off”. Well, it just seems he actually didn’t.

      The most gentle explanation would be that he turned off the stream and then in 10:00 decided to specifically hunt the streamer (and do nothing else) without peeking. If you play WoWs a bit you understand how unprobable it is…

    • @Edi J I played wows for about 4-5 years, most of the time in DDs and cruisers. I know how you can slow down a push. Either sail in front of them (which the Halland kinda did) or get to their flank. But if you fail at the flank, you can never catch up anymore. Torping from behind is useless after all.

      I don’t know how people can’t tell where torps are coming from. That is nearly impossible. They can see them! How can they don’t know where they are coming from?! That’s insane. Also it’s laughably easy to tell who’s torps you are seeing just by looking at the minimap. What ships were spotted, where and when. You don’t have to divine anything. The number of torps, their type, the amount of salvos and even speed are a good indicator as well. Even if you don’t know specifics. And it gets easier the less enemy ships there are. The direction where they are coming from also indicates where the enemy DDs are roughly or specifically on the map.

      Flambass was camping however. He might have fought for the objective in the first 10 minutes, but he still stayed in the same few hundred meters half the battle. That is for all intents and purposes camping. If the Halland was stream sniping, that would have been the perfect time to get rid of Flambass or chase him away. Just launch torps from C through the gap. Hitting a stationary target would have been quite easy.

      The Halland’s track is actually what makes it doubtful that he cheated. Extremely so. It doesn’t make sense in more ways than one. Skilled players would have done what Flambass did. And cheaters would have simply killed him minutes ago. He had 6 minutes to kill Flambass and he had an open and clear path to A. There were no ships from Flambass’ team there. Only enemy ships. Even if we assume he wanted to stealth torp, he could simply hug the border of A and go west as you described. But he didn’t. He went all the way around the island instead and tried to torp the Vampire. Why? Why wait for so long? Why taking a detour? If he made it his point to kill Flambass and do nothing else, why didn’t he do it sooner? He could get into the cap while the Yama was there, he could get in position while Flambass was distracted and he could torp from a much closer position for better effect. It makes no sense.

      But the most unlikely, or hell impossible part of all of this is that, IF he stream sniped since the 10 minutes mark how in the hell did the Halland divine that Flambass is going to be in that exact minute in that exact position, smoked up and stationary? He had to somehow magically find out that he had to waste 6 minutes, go around half the map, sail around the island and position himself west of A for the sole purpose of getting Flambass killed. No way he did all that. And no way he intentionally waited north of A either just so he can stealth torp Flambass later. He had the chance to do so way before Flambass killed his teammates.

      See my point? He had the tools, he had the time, he had a clear path and he had multiple opportunities to get Flambass killed or kill him himself. And yet the Halland didn’t do it. He only torped Flambass’ smoke after 1 whole minute of waiting. How is that stream sniping?

  14. “The more planes in this game, the better…”
    They probably have to recycle the assets they wasted on World of Warplanes. I wonder when World of Tanks will get the first planes.

  15. You probaly didn’t expect the halland torps because that would require the halland to torp behind the vlady, which WAS a dumb idea before this patch.

  16. Smoke screens are Torpedo Magnets!

  17. Flambino, that was a mean streamsniper…

    • there was a smoke and he was shooting targets from there for like 5 minutes straight, before he even smoked up, u dont have to be a streamsniper if u can use the minimap..

    • @ogerhoover Ah sure!Especially because he mentioned in the beginning that “he switches off the stream””!Seems you belive in Unicorns!

    • @willi wass and u tend to believe in every conspiracy there ever was? all im saying is that u dont need to streamsnipe to get torps into that smoke and to know exactly where he was, because he was firing at targets from that position. if u are saying u need to streamsnipe to get torps where he was, i pity u, nothing more

  18. LOL the reaction when it was the mosk and not the DD

  19. so sad. such a great match. looks like you’ve mad alot of enemies. lol. great job. I think its time for another name change.

  20. first he say “i turned off the stream so i cant cheat” and than he truned it on again i bet

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