Alone VS Half the enemy team – World of Warships

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Making the right calls and reading the situation properly can often mean the difference between a loss and a win.

If you can force enemy into a mistake and then play your cards right, you might just win the unwinnable.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The average teammates in WOWS… Sometimes, you have morons that sit at the back the whole game, while you, in a DD have to rush in and do all the capping. And because it is just you alone, the enemy bully you out of the cap. You run away and your teammates call you “useless”. Very typical. We see that all the times.

    • Tim van der Velden

      Yep. Some BBs seem to think the only goal in life of a DD is to throw their life away in spotting targets, so they can shoot at it from 20 km, and miss.

    • @Tim van der Velden damn sad. But that is very true with the current playerbase. Even worse on my server, the ever famous Asian server, where CV scums gather like flies over a hot pile of sh*t. Playing DD on this server is like working in hazardous environment. It’s next to impossible to enjoy.

  2. Tim van der Velden

    I’m grinding the british DDs at the moment. Just got Jutland. I’m really looking foward to Daring. It will be my first tier 10.

    • Great line, IMHO. I’ve found Jutland to be a better ship than Daring, tier for tier
      Don’t get me wrong, Daring is amazing, but the competition rises up so much compared to what Jutland has to face…

    • @Tim van der Velden nah. Jutland is great. I hated the stock Hull as you don’t have guns to shoot backwards. B Hull and its a great ship

    • Lot of opinion so far, I didn’t like the Jutland, daring is great though. Jutland rof is pretty low, it’s slow too. The top reload on both just and daring is poor, so they are opportunity torps. The limitation to daring is really around proliferation of 12km radar and a lot of recent gunboat DDs with 5km hydro and 7.5km radar. It’s suffered a bit to powercreep.

    • @lee rhodes definitely power creep is real. Feels like every ship is getting faster and more hp. It’s like every new cruiser nowadays can chase down the British dds

    • @Tim van der Velden Well to be honest, the grind is brutal on any line you choose.

  3. Those teammates trying to backseat drive (steer? Whatever it’s called when it’s a boat) were adorable. Like, don’t worry kids, papa Flambass is here and he knows what he’s doing

    • So getting caught in moskvas radar on low health when he had no reason to be so close is not a mistake?
      This was one of the few cases where guy in chat was absolutely justified to question his actions.

      You thinking Flambass knew what he was doing at that point is “adorable”

    • Well his teammate was right … flambass was cought out of position with radar he was just lucky the moskva couldn’t aim. I personally would have waited in the middle at a distance until I see that moskva and that I’m out side her range … only then I’d go for the cap.

    • “He knows what he is doing” lol. Guess you were talking to your chat as well, because you failed to notice how he almost got himself killed. Twice.

    • Turning off chat was best decision I ever made in the game.

  4. Lol, it’s all relative. Most folks I know do 80+k on a weekend, most weekends.. but cycle as a hobby. ‘Big’ is over 200.. on roadbikes. Mountainbikes really are a lot harder – heavier and the knobbly tires are SO draggy. Genuinely I’d count the k’s about double 🙂 For the person that messed up his knee, most likely saddle too low, but maybe get someone to check that.

    • No-one tell him about the truly crazy people. Randonneurs doing Brevets!

    • @Todd Clayton Like 1000k plus.. nobody would be *that* silly, surely 😉

    • Yeah, the first time I was on a roadbike was a totally new experience compared to the mountain bike I always rode till then. 10km to work felt like nothing, because the bike is so much lighter and the tires basically have no drag at all. The whole thing is meant to cost you as little power as possible to move as far and fast as possible.

    • Average ride on a Saturday or Sunday (when I was riding) was between 100k to 200k.

    • I just did about 50k on a mtb (fullsuspended, 2.6 tires) with almost 2000 vertical on Sunday, it was a long day in the mountains, my legs are still a bit tired but it was so worth it!

  5. even if the mosk went for a cap, the time to sail there, and the conq left vulnerable, I think you’d have chased the conq off the cap and taken it. the Conq’s only choice would have been to be aggressive. the Mosk though could and should have killed you with it’s radar, it didnt seem to last as long as i’d expect? maybe no radar mod?

    • Even with radar mod you only have 2 salvos to shoot at enemies with Moskva if I’m not mistaken. You just have more time to aim. I could be wrong tho, left the game years ago.

    • @Frozenstein Nah you’re right. Russian radar is longer range but lower duration

  6. Flambass learns that he is a mere cycling casual

  7. Crandy Dandy's Clip Imporium

    This game looks familliar, I feel like I’ve watched it before

  8. 20 kilometers or about 12 – 13 miles seems about right for a casual rider looking for some basic exercise.

  9. the difference between the rolling drag of a road bike tyre and a mountain bike tyre is huge.

  10. Become A Freediver

    Nice match mate. Way to keep it together

  11. 52km (32 miles) is not really average, but for an experienced cyclist that isn’t super long. comparatively an ironman triathlon bike is 100 miles (160km)

  12. I use to regularly commute 20-40 kilometers round trip to work by bicycle. Occasionally I would take long trips or one day races between 80 and160 kilometers.

  13. Love how you told them to STFU. Let me win this.

  14. One of my best friends does competitive trail riding. He just did 80 miles or roughly 130km on a bike in one day.

  15. Damn, that Daring captain was USELESS! All he did was win the game….shaking my head at how USELESS he was…

  16. Prisoner of the Highway

    Good match flambino. We have a organization here in the states called “Rails to Trails” where they take decommissioned rail lines and turn them into walking/biking trails. The longest of which is 247ish miles or 395km. It’s pretty flat though. I typically ride it over the course of a week on a fat tire bike with about 25 kilos of gear and food. Good vacation if you like exercise.

  17. funny how quiet chat got when he pulled out the win

  18. To be completely fair to your teammates… You were ahead on points, ahead on caps, and yet you tried to win harder by aggressively going after the enemy ships, instead of lying in ambush for the shima and then hiding after you killed it. Had you died, this would have been a Jingles video ^^

  19. nice to know flambass runs into the same toxic chat bs on the EURO server as we do on NA. Those type of ppl literally ruin the game.

  20. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Excellent game, useless DD, very well played 🙂

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