Alsace – 281K DMG 6 kills || World of Warships

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  1. What’s the project name of Republic?

    • Eclipse white flag

    • it was a battleship design made at the WG headquarters! therefore, it is a fantasy ship that wasn’t even designed! just like grosser kurfurst and 419mm gun Conqueror! its basically a “what if” type of ship!

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Aaron Reiche Grosser Kurfürst is H-42.
      Except WG did not give its historical Armament of 480mm 52cal guns – cause Yamato loving weebs will rage that they don’t have the biggest guns anymore – and WG gun size limit is 460mm.

      Oh and Conqueror is based off the Battleship L2 Design. But you are indeed right on WG making up the 419mm 45cal guns.

  2. alsace the powerful ??

  3. it’s not really a flank if the majority of your team does it though.

  4. big hit on the Yams late.  🙂

  5. does not appear to be a secondary build.

  6. favorite idea about position and steering the boat under fire – aggressive. gg

  7. thanks to PK for so many good and “educational” replays – definitely helps

  8. Those two shells of the back turret firing at the Neptune….disgusting 😀


    Alsace full xp lol

  10. 12:01 probably the best RNG moment I have ever seen

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