Alsace 9 kills || World of Warships

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  1. Secondary build? Honestly the Alsace feels rather weak given how powerful it was when it first released. The Bourgogne took a lot of its spotlight.

  2. How do we send you replays? I got one that was nice but not sure if it’s Panzerknacker worthy

  3. Edilsonoliveiradossantos Oliveria

    Muito top

  4. Wellinton Goulart

    9 kills 200k HAHAHAHAHA

  5. That is a beautiful camouflage

  6. One of my favourite ships in the game right now

  7. Oh god please not another zoom in to shoot, zoom out for fall of shot….

  8. Wow,your secondary guns are accurate. How can you do that? My secondary guns can’t hit anyone.

  9. Lucky boy in T8 battle…

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