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Sharing a game I had in my Alsace the other day, I was given great situations to exploit. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX French Battleship Alsace Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server



    I can say FIRST!!!

  2. Ok Notser when you said I was given some situations to exploit you really meant I paid for some broadsides to exploit ??

  3. no fair, how come when I am low tier in my Biz, the top Tier CV takes me out right away and here not 1 but 2 Biz’s survive at teh end :(. nice game Notser

  4. I hate how popular Yamato has become again cause it overmatches Alsace’s armor for days. You’re lucky you didn’t have to face any that match

  5. I had a game in my mass where I was presented with a cross fire. 92k in under 5 mins, but my computer being the potato it is, decided to crash just as it was getting good and I got torped by a kiev

  6. It’s funny you love it so much.

    I cannot stand it for the life of me. The maladies that I’m struggling to play around are:

    1) Dispersion. You are not only French (so overall the worst profile), but your sigma is terrible. I could not forgive this dispersion no matter what… I haven’t tried secondaries, but I’m worried that making the already horrid dispersion even worse would drive me up the walls. It doesn’t even get standard 30s main gun reload…. -_-
    2) Armor. 32mm all over, like you mentioned. Unlike the RN BBs, you don’t get a zombie heal to compensate
    3) 380mm. USN and KM CA’s laugh at you. If a DM goes bow in and starts gunning for you, you are reduced to praying a friend will bail you out.
    4) Range. The French/German/RN dispersion does have one single (and quite small) redeeming feature: it’s the best on _broadsiding targets_ at extreme range, and your shells are reasonably fast. On the Richelieu, I could routinely do nice opening salvos at ~23-24km to discourage a push or support across the map when a flank was cleared. So, naturally, you only get 20km, and you don’t even get a spotter.

    I do not understand why anyone would want to play this over an Iowa if they had the choice. Iowa is not a shotgun – if your aim is on, it’a accurate enough that it will land more shells on target at pretty much any range, in spite of having only 9 barrels. Iowa doesn’t need to worry about every single HE spammer and/or Mush or Yama. Iowa has better penetration while simultaneously also being less prone to overpens. It is, on average, just as fast. It doesn’t have to put up with BS from German or USN CA’s. It doesn’t have secondaries – but it doesn’t need them, because the guns are laser accurate at close range. That’s a ton of commander points and an upgrade slot saved. Iowa is simply a superior ship.

    • Well, most tier IX ships are just obstacles to get to the tier X ship in the line. While I agree that Iowa is th better ship since Alsace was nerfed, it was still very frustrating to play. Unlike Alsace, Iowa eats citadels if you show any amount of side. Even if you don’t show your side, any Yamato or Musashi in the game will do massive damage through your bow and stern. On top of that, Iowa has a huge superstructure and is a very long ship, so not only is HE spam a problem, but battleships regularly do 10k volleys on your superstructure. But, just like Alsace, Izumo, Friedrich der Grosser, and Lion, the tier X you get for it is awesome. Montana, Republique, Conqueror, Grosser Kurfurst, and Yamato are all super strong, so it’s well worth the tier IX struggle.

  7. Got 4 fires on my ship by one salvo… such a fun game.

  8. Hey, this is Notser!
    1 minute and 55 seconds into the video….
    Yep, this is Notser! XD

  9. I can’t make this thing work. Shitty inaccurate guns that can’t pen tier X unless they are close flat broadside. Takes endless HE spam pens.

  10. In team-games like WOWS, WOT, etc., I’m increasingly content to play to the team & mission, and not to my ego, points, or kills. Just today in Armored Warfare, I shared capping, secondary goals, and such. Makes for a more enjoyable game.

  11. i dont even bother with manual secondaries…too much of an investment when it forces u to manually click targets for your secondaries to even shoot…removes multi side shooting at the same time, and also secondary dmg is usually low so investing so much for a buff to it is…meh

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Manual secondaries are only useful to pin down enemy DD easier. If the BB is secondary-oriented, you can hit cruisers without the skill. Kinda regret to unlock it for my Scharnhorst because I actually get fewer ‘secondary hit’ ribbons since then (redistributing the skill point is expensive).

    • u can do that for free after a CB season probably.
      secondaries are usually not for the dmg but for the threat factor…they rarely do much dmg. thats why i just invest in their range and thats it…they r not worth more than that.

  12. Honestly after playing the non-nerfed Alsace, I just can’t have fun in the new Alsace. RNG is stupid, the gun have not the damage, nor the precision or the range to do a decent game in 3 on 4 game. Except FdG and (of course) Isumo every other T9 BB is better than the Alsace (all for the thanks of selling the Jean Bart…)

  13. Love your content! Can you do a blueprint on the musashi, I just got it and any tips would be appreciated!

  14. thechampion awesome

    your still pulling notsers.

  15. I enjoyed my Alsace quite a bit. I wouldn’t go without fire prevention in it. I would advise any French BB captain to take as much condition damage mitigation as you can, along with superintendent. You will need it. Every BB in the game has a glaring weakness. Some are more unbalanced than others. Americans take a TON of citadels, French burn like a viking funeral ship, Germans cant hit the broadside of a barn from inside it, Japanese have a glass jaw. Of all these lines France is the easiest to compensate for. Avail yourself of it.

  16. Alsace class Battledestroyer, only need two sets of torpedo launcher to beat the miserable Le Terrible.

  17. Great win! Enjoyed your Kraken! Loved your marksmanship and secondary build! Awesome secondary management! Loved that you went for A… very smart! 9:52 huh!? Doing anything but going full speed forward in that situation negates common sense, especially at your health level. I’m so confused by the backing up thing, while knowing the Lightning is setting up torps on you. You got a mind boggling lucky roll of the dice. The Lightning either panicked or just sucked (he had no kills) but 9/10 DD drivers would have killed you there. Sorry man, but I just don’t understand throwing your ship away, especially if the mindset is “doing what’s right for the team” as you mentioned. Thumbs up as always! Appreciate the upload.

    • maybe do some research there Patriot before you start saying people suck, because i don’t think you would have done any better in that position

  18. thanks for the video, getting ready to unlock it. 🙂

  19. I love this fuckin ship!

  20. Destroyerman Fernandez

    Hey Notser, is it possible to do a Republique : Blueprint to Success?….i know you like the Alsace, but i am curious to see you handle the tier 10 ship.

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