Alsace | Engine Boost going, secondaries roaring, and running from the cops || World of Warships

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  1. Alsace should have been T10 and Republique T9

    • No Republique is actually great ship. Just because it doesnt have gazzilions of main guns doesn’t make it bad. Actually maybe just 8 guns but both HE and AP perform super good. Just to mention it got same fire chance as conqueror on 419mm! Ap is way better and dispersion ain’t half bad.

      Don’t even get me started on secondaries – better than kurfurst despite german built in ifhe. 8km base range 9% and 12% base fire chances before any flags …

      On top of that ship is fastest at its tier aswell, AA is reasonable so is tankyness except for 32mm. But you can’t have everything right?

      Finally something that isn’t montana copy paste with 4×3. Well done WG – finally some original concept.

      And also noone stops you from playing Alsace without buying Rep , fine by me.

    • Mario
      The Republic is TX’s worst battleship now for more than one reason:
      -Lower volume of fire between the battleships of TX
      -The Lower DPM among the battleships of TX
      – Troll armor and inefficient with a citadel that sits above the line of flotation
      -A completely atrocious arrangement of main turrets, you have to show a ton of side in order to fire a volley
      -It is covered with 32 millimeters of armor on all sides, which makes it allergic to the spamm of HE and many more if it is of cruises with the ability of IFHE.
      -Its accuracy of main armament stinks, even a Conquetor and a Kurfurst have better accuracy at almost all distances.
      -Your secondary and anti-aircraft weapons may seem impressive at first, but you soon discover that they are glass cannons with insufficient armor to withstand heavy fire, so they break easily under concentrated fire.
      -With only 2 turrets, it means that if you lose one, then goodbye to 50% of your firepower, and with that armor and turret array you will lose a 1vs1 against any other BB of TX, even if you play at Battleship BOW-ON mussel, even Yammy-San can beat her in a 1vs1…
      WG should downtier the Republic and make it a winnable premiun ship with XP Free, and replace it with a true SuperAlsace with a more practical turret arrangement, something like the 3×3 array that is observed in the NC, SD Iowa and Yamato classes with these cannons of 431 millimeters or the historic French cannon of 450 millimeters and “EUREKA”, it would work perfectly, although a 4×4 arrangement with 16 of the Alsace cannons could also work perfectly as a “cruise killer” for TX and would make It was worth going from Alsace to TX IMHO.

    • Mario have you played it ? Have you tried to play it against any other T 10 BB ? I did

    • Hmmm if they gave it the Lyon’s turret setup of 4×4, I feel that would be a little overpowered in terms of firepower at T10. The other 3’s 4×3 setup is already very strong, an extra four guns might be a bit excessive.

      Though I do agree the Republique should have 3×4 setup instead of 2×4. It is a bit underwhelming. I’ve already watched Republique get out classed by all of the other 4 T10 BBs, and its not much better of a CA killer than the Montana and Kurfurst, if at all.

  2. These secondaries.. it’s armageddon !

    • This is the perfect YOLO ship XD

    • This ship can argued to have the BEST SECONDARIES in the game! better than Kurfurst or France just make sure you get IFHE to get the 100mm guns to pen over 19mm worth of armour! because lolol 20 round rate of fire on 24 100mm guns + 5 round rate of fire on 152mm guns is the eqiuvlant of having 2 akizuki’s strapped to each side of your ship! or 1 minotaur on each side! its also possible to lower the reload of the secondaries to about 2 seconds on the 100mm and 8 seconds on the 152mm guns. if a destroyer gets spotted in secondary range he is dead just like that benson!

  3. Whats this ships build?

  4. So nun habe ich noch einen grund mehr mir dieses Schiff zu erspielen^^

  5. My God how annoying it was to watch when his binocular view was zoomed out so much.

  6. Fail on the Martel! But secondary mayhem after wow!

  7. I have secondary builds on both the Alsace (11km range) and the Republique (12km range) and they are awesome. The fire chance on the secondaries is very high (12 and 15% in the Republique) and brawling in a lot of fun. They are really good additions to the game.

  8. Still only 30k from secondaries, not really viable build

  9. This is the kind of show and range the Alabama, North Carolina, Cleveland secondaries should be doing but the cheap ass game nerfed those ships to uselessness.

  10. Ok if the french got better secondaries than germans, better range and better speed to kite, what is the german gameplay now?

  11. this was the pre nerf german secondaries,,,now german are just are firewworks

  12. secondary build whitout IFHE,570 hit but only 28k impact damage….usless…

  13. 4:01 No citadel… That game..

  14. Saltwater-Rambo…. more luck than skill. But the ship is great.

  15. Kazeshini Hasagi

    De grosse iowa =alsace?

  16. So I guess there’s nothing special about the Bismarck anymore.

  17. How do u make the second batteries move

  18. That Alabama, still camping at the back.

  19. I had 496 on my Alsace with 10.8km 3 sec reload secondaries. Great ship

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