Alsace IFHE Secondary madness & executing Yami by detonation || World of Warships

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  1. Best tier 9 BB or Missouri ^^ ?

  2. Only 1900 Base xp?

  3. Yan Lou David Song

    It’s Gascogne IFHE Secondary madness :DDD

  4. u can have 1million secondary hits, if they deal no to low dmg it is useless.

    • you can start fire ^^

    • true, thats why i skilled IFHE. Without that, the 100 mils would have only 17mm penetration and thats not enough for anythink, except superstructures on cruisers, DDs and British CA hull parts. Now, thx 21 mm pen, as you can see, most of the dmg was on superstructers of BBs ( 19mm plating ). Thats why if you are so agresive as me, it is a “must have” skill on Alsace 😉

  5. Description ( Player )

    After many ( almost 700 ) games with this loved ship, I decided even more focuse on the IFHE secondaries, cause their potential is just phenomenal. Believe or not, this was the first battle after changing the last think – from module on reload for main guns, I changed to reload on secondaries. The special modules on the first 2 slots I was using already about a week and the cpt. Is the same about a week too, and that all is fine. But the added secondary reload prove just right now 🙂 What to say, you need some luck too ( detonating a Yamato ) but if you are angled enough and not too many HE spam on you, you can tank BBs pretty OK-isch 😉 Have a fun ! 😉

    • Wow, just wow. You are doing your job better and better bro ! Thx for posting all the my stuff I did, even with this my comment below the video 😉

    • Engrish to English translation (so close! but it still hurts my eyes to read it)
      After almost 700 games with this beloved ship I decided to focus more on the IFHE secondaries because the potential is phenomenal. This was the first battle after changing to IFHE, and changing reload on mainguns for reload on secondaries. The new experience with IFHE boosted secondaries has been amazing, but not without a little bit of luck. Alsace is a tanky ship, as long as you remain angled and not too many people are HE spamming you.

    • Thx bro, lookslike I will have to contact you to see the right english 🙂
      With 1 small exception: I played long enough with IFHE secondaries, this time, I changed only the module from reload on mainguns for reload on secondaries… But ok, thx 😉

  6. Better luck than good…

    • Yup, I expected to be death many times thx the Yamato, but magic happend 😉
      But if I am fighting other BBs, i have no problem to tank and deal dmg. HE spam and Yami / Mushi guns are the only problem of this ship. AA you have pretty good, DDs you can handle too ( 45% torpedobelt ).

  7. Strong but not in Germany 2nd. I can cause 100k dmg

  8. 12x guns + cleveland top of it

  9. Este video tiene que ser el pie de los demás videos mostrando todo como va equipado más la habilidad del comandante…excelente video

  10. Hey.
    Nice video.
    Which captain skills did you used for your ship?

  11. So fucking lucky with devastating strike against Yamato, on the opposite Yamato would have deleted him fast, so fucking lucky!!!

    • yup, true… But on the other hand, I can citadel Yamato with easy with any BB, even with an Moskva. The fact that it was detonation safed me. Thats why I was slightly joking with him in chat – he destroyed my 1st turret and this was satisfaction for me 😉 But yes, I found myself in very uncofortable possition. The rest 2 BBs I “confortably” tanked 😉

  12. Lol what a rng help to the alsace with a poor 380mm gun 6:46 58k on a Yamato lol with one Citadel ( detonation) that why i left playing m’y mighty Yamato even a moskva can kill in close range

    • 🙂 I tested my Alsace in training room many times, and detonations by citadelhit were not as rare as you can think. This time was fortuna again with me 😉 The Yami was too eager to use all his guns against me and oweturned, thats why I had easy shot on him. If you are more competent than him, you can be still pretty fine with your Yami. I agree, I was lucky 😉
      PS: Guns… They are pretty powerfull – better penetration than German ones, almost like the Italian ones. You have the same weight of shell as the Italian 381s ( 885 kg ) and just between ITA (850) and GER (810) muzzle velocity 830 m/s. Cheers 🙂

    • Kristof Kolumbus u played well but im just not Happy they do any buff to Yamato only the plus to Yamato it is his gun even with this gun if u are alone u easy die quicker Yamato weak AA,speed,weak secondaire range than GkFurst or alsace .and à Huge Citadel ???

    • the citadel buff for US BBs was unnecesary. Now is the Yami comparalby weaker… Otherwise its still strong 😉 Cheers !

  13. A ship for good players not like the Missouri who is for noobs :p.. who can’t play the Missouri?

  14. xOooOooOooOooOooOx

    What do you use to record?

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