ALSACE – NEW BEST TIER 9 Battleship ?? World of Warships

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  1. no, french monster is GOTAGA!!!!

  2. Funny how this ship can push a 36kts and the Akizuki only 35kts with eng boost lol

  3. The best looking battleship of the French line. That is a lot of secondaries too.

  4. lemme guess…. not main line? Couldn’t be premium could it?

  5. Almost 200 sec hits. …and people still ask me why I play Ze Germans and why I like this french beauty.

  6. I love the BB and i’m happy for this french line of BB but for real, the cruisers in this game are not useless as fuck after the tier 6? U get citadel every times and u never penetrate the BBs…

  7. We do not need anymore bb’s that cant be cited. The yamato is becoming useless because of that crap.

    • It can be tho, it’s closer to the US BBs with a minor turtleback. It’s unlikely it will stop anything bigger that cruiser AP from citadeling if they go through the belt armor

  8. Ese barco me esta impresionando mucho 0:

  9. it will be dumbed down before release.

  10. No,Friedrich and Iowa are the best

  11. At 6:16 that coward Friedrich Der Grosse on rear horizon, watching this epic scuffle, LOL!!!

  12. I realised that I shouldn’t have grinded the GK…

  13. That was a fuckinh yolo right there

  14. ok. i want this shik

  15. You’re telling me this ship is as fast as the Iowa class… The fastest battleship in the world? That’s total bullshit

  16. アドミラルヒッパー

    8 front main guns. 32mm armor. 36knt. Ok WG what are u thinking

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Its historically accurate – why dont you search French Battleship Alsace then???
      The 36 knots – is thanks to the French gimmick of speed boost…

  17. харошь немец,умеет играть)

  18. he… he… he… French BB with German crew on board… Raeder’s wet dream come true. >:)

    On the other hand… isn’t Alsace just Richelieu on steroids?

  19. >Le me
    >Plays Alsace in PT
    >2 more Alsace in friendlies
    >All 3 of us decided to YOLO together
    >Go in the middle of the enemy fleet.
    >AA’s go nuts with all the air strikes and catapult birds
    >All 3 of us survived with little HP left.
    > *Hon Hon Hon in chat intensifies*
    >Glorious game indeed.



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