Alsace Secondary POWER || World of Warships

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  1. Dat cruiser ram, tho x)

  2. Nightmare151188

    Im missing the end screen. I would like to see how much dmg his secodaries did. But couldnt be much, he didnt had IFHE. 😉

  3. Full on secondary build I take it not bad haven’t got that many hits even with ze German bbs.

  4. Wow ?????

  5. 16:08 from Alsace to Gascogne x)

  6. that tirpitz was high level potato

    • I don’t get what he did wrong though. He angled, used AP. I don’t see any obvious mistakes. But then again I only have experience in TI – TV so maybe I’m the potato here.

    • Illuminati Confirmed

      He did not attempt to use his torps after he was less than 6km. He tried to brawl with a higher tier bb brawler at point blank range. He was angling but his armour was getting overmatched. He was using AP on an angled Alsace, so all his shells were bouncing. He was a kartoffenpitz as stated above. Literally meaning potato’pitz

    • @Illuminati Confirmed I see now. Thanks for the explanation.

    • Illuminati Confirmed

      Thats alright. If you haven’t already, go check out Flamu’s channel. He has really good videos on many different ships and how to play them effectively. They’re cool to watch and I also found them a great help when I was a potato. Everyone was a potato in the low tiers.

    • I know him, he’s pretty cool. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. i have that same build but i almost have 4 points to get IFHE. Im wondering if I should get it.

  8. megahuntinsocke

    Hits ≠ DMG
    Grosser kurfürst and ifhe, yea that beast kills everything no matter what

    • megahuntinsocke yea it does but does it really need it considering German HE have better pen?

    • german 127mm + IFHE can pen 32mm of armour, so penetration wise it’s on par with 152mm + IFHE on ships like mogami, cleaveland, and chapayev

  9. ganz schöne Runde hat gut gezeigt was die Alsace gut kann: secondaries und was nicht: genaue Hauptgeschütze. Ich würde sie mir glaube ich niemals holen weil das viel zu frustrierend ist, wenn man nich in den Nahmkampf gehen kann, denn sie trifft ja nix.

  10. great ending

  11. He survived despite facing a near full HP Hood. Even with 3 heals.

  12. Awesome game

  13. can you please make all your video with louder background voice?

  14. That “allsauce” is a pretty good ship.

  15. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    With IFHE?

  16. République full secondary build it’s worth or not ?

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      G Money considering it has better secondaries cause bigger caliber, I would say yes xD

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan thanks because i have all t10 GooD build but i just played maybe 10 battle i dont know how to build it thanks

    • No it’s armour is too squishy, it melts to HE damage and it’s guns are hyper accurate so best used from 15 to 20km

    • Steve Hemmings so i think i will build normal build like my Yamato with concealment and antifire thanks vigilance heal

  17. What a Monster, i always run away AF from it when my dd is spot.

  18. Discord Sounds are new in WOWS ? :LULMAGGIE:

  19. With IFHE he would have had far less secondary hits.  😉

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