Alsace spotted and killed on live Server | World of Warships

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  1. ive sunk the france with my cv

    • Vitomanship
      That was to be expected, just look at how the last battleship that was called France ended up, suffered an attempt of mutiny by its crew, taken out of the water by a rock and capsized, it was predictable that this France also has a terrible or unpleasant reputation just for have 2 turrets…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      WG being WG… All I was expecting was Super Alsace – not some gimmicky Super Gascogne… A meme or not – it would be an amazing feature if T10 was a Super Alsace with 4×4 380mm 45cal guns… Hell even 3×4 380mm guns – would be perfect for T10 – as it was supposed to have a secondary historical armament of 450mm guns, caused they developed them in the 1920s…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Exactly what I was thinking, four quadruple turrets with 380 millimeter rifles would be more than acceptable and would not be OP at all due to the caliber of the rifles, a 3×4 arrangement but with these rifles of 431 millimeters upgradable to 2×4 with those guns of 450 historical millimeters of the 1920s would make it 100% unique and not exactly another Montanoid as some have begun to say

    • It seems that a lot of people are rooting for a French T10 BB with the same spec I had in mind.
      The 16 X 380 mm or the 8 X 450 mm.
      I wanted the 16 X 380 mm all along because it would have required a Unique Atlanta type gamestyle. .

  2. I’m waiting this line since so many times, i hope they are in-game soon

  3. i hope the french line will be better than the Gascogne is right now…. really want it to be good =)

    • “There is no doubt – Quad Turret systems – have morbid dispersion characteristics”

      That’s exactly why I was rooting for a 16 X 380 mm quad monster.
      The sheer volume of fire would compensate for the bad dispersion.
      In fact this bad dispersion would work for your benefit when an enemy ship is sitting in smoke.
      Sixteen 380 mm shells flying everywhere.
      This thing is a Yamato size SHOTGUN.
      One is gonna hit.
      Enemy warships sailing in close formation would be an awesome target for this ship.
      Imagine this ship parked in one of the entrances of the Two Brothers map.
      Sixteen 380 mm guns in close range is a vessel even Grosser Kurfurst would think twice to brawl with.
      Wargaming missed the opportunity for a genuinely Unique T10 LOLcow ship.

      What we got is a Graf Spee that is a bigger target and negates all the benefit of a speed boost.

    • Well, atleast the AP shells look good on paper. As long as she can reliably dish out damage I think I could come to like her. But yeah I think a 16x380mm design would be way more funny.

      As long as most salvoes don’t make you swear in frustration like seems to be the case for Gascogne..

    • tamenga88
      almost exactly what it was, thinking: a battleship with a main battery caliber below normal but compensated by the pure volume of the side broadside and a shorter recharge than normal and the excuse that rape cruisers is very vague due to its caliber of 380 millimeters in contrast to 406 millimeters or more of all the other battleships of TX perfectly could have been unique with that main armament, would have maintained the French national sabol in its maximum exprecion if arriving at the territory of the over powerful and in its place WG gives us that unplayable thing, what a disappointment …

    • Caeric
      those 431mm cannons are a fiction gun, that ship must carry the historic 450 millimeter cannon designed and tested in the decade of the 20s, and that had proved to be the most powerful naval rifle until the devut of the Yamato class and its rifles of 18.1 inches

  4. 0:58 so badass xD

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