ALSACE Testserver – GREAT GUNS – GOOD SHIP – first view | World of Warships

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  1. That dispersion….is so awesome…

  2. Sir Douche McScumbag

    Now redo the TX into a Super-Alsace with 4×4 380mm guns and we’re set

    • Yamato: whut?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      France / Super Gascogne / Uber Graff Spee is a joke… Super Alsace FTW…

    • Sir Douche McScumbag yeah and another option could be an Alsace with heavier guns, I mean 12 406/410/420/440 mm in 3 turrets like the Alsace so you could use 8 big guns in the front while you are pushing and no more 4 turrets BBs in tier X

    • Do you people dont want 2×4 430mm
      With 24 second reload
      Dispersion values of alsace
      But a Sigma of 2.0?

      And has a maximum armor thickness of 540mm?
      This is the reason why we dont have great things…..

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      John Henry Chua… LOL
      Historically – Super Alsace only has 14inch 356mm armour – to explain the high speed…
      Conqueror historically only has 15 inch 380mm armour – yet wg beefed them up to 406mm…
      Super Alsace could just have been a enlarged Alsace – with 4 turrets… Either with 4×4 380mm 45cal / 3×4 420mm or 2×4 450mm (which the French actually constructed in the 1920s). 

      First of all the reason why France or Uber Graff Spee is a joke, is 1 – it has 2 turrets… – break one and boom – there goes half of your guns and half of your firing angles… Yes it has 540mm guns – but even Yamato’s 650mm turrets can be penetrated pointblank, and you can break a gun by aiming at the barbettes as well, which always have thinner armour…

      Secondly – where dufuq did 431mm come from??? the funny thing is I think WG is trolling us here…
      Remember when Flamu roasted WG to buff Henri’s deck armour from 25mm to 30mm???
      Well 431mm can just barely – overmatch 30mm armour…

      Its like WG remembers when we roast or joke about a line and – then we get trolled by wg in future lines… Another example is RN Light Cruisers firing AP,  when we joked about the British Battleship only firing only HE… And then look what happens HE CANCER everywhere when the British arrive…

  3. Lukygamer1983 remake

    see that the first I was to upload a video on ‘Alsace … look good .. otherwise I’ll banned !!! thank you

  4. My pb alsace in test server is 250k damage

  5. 200k damage vs bots bad video 🙁

  6. looks super OP

  7. Ca envois du rêve quand même

  8. How do you get your bot team mates/enemy’s to move and fight mine wont .-.

  9. Love the secondaries

    • No, they are decieving. 100 mm do nothing against tier 9-10 ships unless you add IFHE, which is a waste of 4 skill points on a BB. 152 mm have too slow reload to be truely effective. You just have the range to frighten tier 8 ships and no more. The ship is not supposed to played in Secondary build. You add 12 guns of low caliber, just boost their reload speed and their accuracy, that’s the deal.

  10. Ok I have never seen a more OP ship in my life.

  11. Why German voice?

  12. Wow…looking forward to the french BB line

  13. Its a monster

  14. Yeah good guns when under 5 km. Like all other BBs. This thing just has speed boost to get killed quicker

  15. Is that free doubloons app hes talig about in the discription legit??

  16. Musanix - World of Warships

    For having play Alsace on the PTS against HUMANS (play against bot and do a good game is not very valuable when it come to describe ship performance), I can say that the dispersion is HORRIBLE. You’ll be lucky if 1 shell hit the enemy at more than 10km. Even if the secondaries are good, they break very easily ! And that’s the same for the main battery !!! I’ve got my Main guns broken multiple times.
    The armor on this ship is completly shit ! It’s the same as Lion (32mm everywhere) which mean She burn by 203mm HE shells and Yamato overmatch her by EVERY angle ! BUT the Royal Navy have the SUPER MEGA HEAL to compensate ! French BB DOESN’T !!!!
    She also have a weak HP pool ! And the speed boost really don’t help (you gain 2 knots which you lose when turning even a bit).

    So this ship is NOT a long range sniper because of the dispersion and the low caliber (most of the time you get non-pen/ricoch at long and medium range)
    She’s not a close combat brawler because of her BULLSHIT ARMOR !

    Wargaming has made this line very weak ! It’s not worth the grind AT ALL !

    • Tu essaies de le jouer comme là, en rushant comme un abruti, c’est pas étonnant que tu n’y arrives pas. Le blindage est adéquat sauf contre l’HE, tous les BB se font overmatch par le Yamato/Musachi, Yamato et Musachi inclus, le faible calibre des secondaires et le reload des 152 n’en fait pas un monstre de secondaires malgré la portée. Les 100 mm ne sont efficaces qu’avec IFHE qui est du gâchis sur un BB. Les secondaires allemandes restent les meilleures. Evidemment, si tu spé ton Alsace en secondaire, tes canons principaux vont avoir une dispersion pourrie. Spé plutôt DPM et précision des principales, c’est comme ça que le navire doit se jouer. Oublie les secondaires (sauf pour AFT/BFT pour booster l’AA), 26 secondes de cadence de tir avec 12 canons, voilà le gameplay du navire avec sa vitesse et sa maniabilité. Je dis pas qu’il faut rester loin en sniper non plus. Mais rester à distance moyenne et booster sa dissimulation à fond aide. Le Speed Boost peut donner un avantage en corps à corps quand l’ennemi n’en n’a pas, les canons ennemis sont incapables de te suivre si tu passes près de lui (et évite un éperonnage par la même occasion), tes canons peuvent aussi être à la traine, mais anticipe à l’avance et boom, plus d’ennemi. Avoir 12 canons est un sacré avantage dans un duel. Tu as 8 canons sans présenter ton flanc, les autres ne peuvent pas en dire autant, 4 canons en réserve quand tu tournes un peu. EN fuite l’angle des tourelles avant est excellent. Une chose est sûre, ce navire n’est pas fait pour le jeu statique style Iowa/Yamato. Pour l’Iowa c’est d’ailleurs une hérésie de le jouer en statique, il va vite et est fait pour le flanquement presque autant que l’Alsace. En gros une div Alsace/Missouri fonctionne très bien ou Alsace plus Donskoi aussi.

  17. what nice brawler

  18. I’ve never desired a battleship so badly since the North Carolina in CBT

  19. What is this? A BB with a hitable citadel? Please buff…

  20. looks nice! now can we see a FFA match, now? Coop is not so representative, i’d say. I’d like to see a close fight against actual players.

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