Alsace Tier 9 French Battleship Preview – World of Warships

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Today we look at the Tier 9 French Battleship Alsace, a ship that I feel is the best in the French Battleship line and highly enjoyable. Here are my thoughts on it.


  1. C not Z

  2. S not Z

  3. I hope it will stay as it is… i loved it on PT!

  4. Love child of the Bismark and

  5. Will Zoup respond to this comment? (:

  6. The “All-sass”.

  7. BFT and FBCB2. LOLZ. JCR soon to come. I missed the mention of DPRK, and had to go back.

  8. 12 x 380mm guns ? It’s a Sharnhorst at Tier 9 … might as well add torps …

  9. I must wholeheartedly agree. Played the Alsace on the PTS…….. words fail me. I felt a slight reminescence to the Nikolai/Okt Rev when dealing with dispersion. Not nearly as good as them, but it was that same feeling.

  10. If you want to know where all the carriers are they’re on the EU server.

  11. Looks like the Alsace should actually be in the tier 10 slot instead of the France.

  12. Looks like a nice tier 9, good commentary

  13. mynameiswritinwater

    “zoup in love”…. major movie out this fall^^ ok, recommendation is noted… so far the Frenc H BB looked definitely underwhelmiong ( might me due to the Dunkerque )

  14. I did all the missions for early french bbs and didnt get a single one outa the 12 crates wtf… kinda salty af not gunna lie

  15. Soup you kept saying bft is that brute force training or blue falcon training ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Sorry auto correct changed zoup to soup

  17. same secondaries as FDG? wtf

  18. Did you say DPRK?

  19. I only got the normandie tier 5. Sad… 🙁
    Pleaseeee donate frensh crates for me to get the others: djdoom33 🙂

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